For all of you hurting, grieving or feeling lost. 

For all of you who are angry, with a point to prove. 

For all of you seeking the key to life’s problems. 

For all of you climbing the ladder to reach the stars. 

For all of you. 

You are the ones who’ve noticed the world is not making you happy.

Maybe you feel like it’s failed you?

Or that you’ve failed it?

Or that it has secrets to reveal, that you just haven’t got there yet?

The world is not making you happy. You’re right. How could it?

The world does not have the power to make you happy. 

How you think, feel and process emotions, change your old stories and return to trust is how you not only heal yourself but heal the global crisis of pain, separation and the Earth too.

Notice that the world comes and goes in your experience. With each thought, it’s created anew. What remains is the happiness you seek. Profoundly simple. What was there all along, while you looked for it in the world. So ordinary, it can hide in plain sight.

For all of you who’ve noticed the world is not making you happy. Look instead to what is permanent and reliable. 

I believe unconditional empathy is essential right now and if we can understand what that means at a deep biological level, and then learn to practice it, we get not only good points with the universe, but we build compassion for ALL (human) creatures. Great, small, obtuse, ignorant, abused and violent.

There is nothing to fix. What we’re experiencing today, is the natural progression of our world. It is not easy; yet we are here. We are alive. We get to experience all the beauty and all the splendor of this amazing life on our beautiful planet.

And when we look into our hearts, we know exactly what to do. We just need to work on being the best possible versions of ourselves, and cultivating the sacred and the TRUTH in whatever way we can, and we need to take care of each other, with love and compassion.

And then we need to trust.

Trust that the Earth is going through a shaman’s initiation, as Sandra Ingerman says. And because we are Her, we’re going through that initiation too.

Trust that it might be hard right now, but we already have everything we need to emerge into the brighter future.

Trust that it’s not all our fault. In actuality, most humans are doing our very best. Trust that it’s all part of a larger plan.

Trust that the healing WANTS to happen. That the Plan is Life. That the potential and capacity of the Earth to heal herself (and her capacity to heal us) is far greater than we can possibly imagine.

Trust that we don’t have to TRY so hard; we don’t have to SOLVE everything.

Trust that having fun and teaching our children how to be happy and being kind to other people are some of the absolute best things we can possibly do with our time here.

Trust that when we follow our soul’s calling and do what we love, that that calling is the Earth and Cosmos and all that is sacred, speaking through us, helping us each to unfold as a perfect part of the larger plan.

And TRUST that we are whole. The Earth is whole. We are exactly where we are meant to be.

The Holy Spiral Path of Life cannot be broken – walk it being the best version of you possible

It is time to feel so you can heal, rise up deeply rooted in empathy and trust in life and your body’s ability to heal.

To offer you up a small apprenticeship on unconditional empathy, and you beautiful concern at the destruction of our home planet Earth, I want to nudge you to check out my two newest vlogs, both of which come to you from my heart and my dreams to see a sustainable, compassionate humanity that honors all of life.