Trauma to Trust Centered

My mission is to expand and improve the well-being of animals and their people by resolving trauma on a cellular level, through trust centered, heart to heart communication and energy and lifestyle medicine. 

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Sarah-Jane Farrell is fondly know as the Trust Doctor – she is a nervous system specialist and therapeutic coach who helps people and animals release their deepest traumas from their nervous system, allowing them to heal from chronic mental, physical, and emotional conditions. She uses an integrative approach which combines attachment and 5 element theory along with somatic release work and energy healing, to help entrepreneurs and the next wave of thought leaders break through the mental, physical, and emotional blocks that arise when taking big leaps in their businesses.

Sarah-Jane is certified in the field of energy medicine and equine psychotherapy, and has assisted thousands of people and animals return to trust. She’s a speaker and teacher, and has taught at many conferences around the world.

Sarah-Jane Farrell has awakened to the deep connection humans have with animals, and seeks to help spread this awareness and healing wisdom throughout the world. With almost 2 decades of working with thousands of animals and people she continues to teach well-being, balance through integrative medicine and mindfulness for animals and their humans as well as a deeper bond through communication and inspiration.

She also continues to support staff and volunteers at wildlife sanctuaries and animal shelters on how to help the animals they care for, whilst maintaining their own sense of well being through the Trust process, animal communications and body processes.

To love somebody, human or animal is not to do things  for them, but to reveal to them their beauty and value, to say to them through our attitude:

“You are beautiful. You are important.
I trust you. You can trust yourself.”

This is the ethos of the True Nature healing Systems I practice and share with the world.

With a lifetime of working in the field of depression and anxiety I have combined pragmatic psychology with inter species communication and somatic healing to support people and animals to create their own safety, trust their intuition, follow their truth and feel again so they can create deeper loving connection with all life and what moves the to deep fulfillment and abundance.

Through the “TRAUMA TO TRUST” HEART CENTERED HEALING PROCESS” innate to us as both predator and prey, animals teach us how to be present.

Animals show us the way to reconnect with our true nature; where you have come from and where you need to go… with compassion and self love. Nature is powerful and we are part of it.

NATURE PROVIDES THE ANSWERS and when you get still you can see and receive the beauty of being alive. AS MAMMALS, WE’RE A PART OF IT AND ITS INCREDIBLE DESIGN.

Everything nature creates is simple and beautifully efficient. If it doesn’t work it dies… Every day I support people who are slowly dying inside, come back their innate ability to be present with what is, to fully engage with how to live deeply happy and fulfilled in their experience of being alive.

I help animals and people navigate life’s difficulties, unresolved trauma, grief, injury, depression, or loss – and help them to TRUST fully by learning to live brave, authentic and openhearted.When you trust you are enough, your trust in life, in others and in the True Nature of life itself.

Sarah-Jane Farrell


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One of our rhino females had managed to get herself onto the other side of the reserve fence and was so panicked by the collective fear of being killed for her horn that she would not come back into the reserve. We decided to contact Sarah-Jane to assist us in trying to get her back inside the reserve as we did not want to anethestise her. SJ said she explained why it was so important that she move back through the opening in the fence into the reserve so that she could be protected. We watched her for some ten minutes, she twitched her ears, lifted up her head almost like she had an “aha” moment, stomped the ground and did a 180 turn and trotted back inside the fence within a matter of minutes. It was incredible to watch, so gentle and non- threatening. We will definitely change the way we do things on the farm in future. Her chronic diarrhea due to micro parasites resolved within 4 days when we found rhino droppings that looked like they should again and did not have to give her antibiotics.

Luke Bennett

Tau, South Africa

Our pet rabbit Peter was not looking very well and the vet told us he had gone deaf in his right ear and had severe bacterial infection. My little boy was very upset at the news that peter may be hopping off to heaven quite soon. We were also worried that whatever it was had spread to the other two. A friend of mine suggested we contact Sarah-Jane and try out her techniques as a last resort. It seems they had picked up a very contagious but common ear mite that encrusts the whole ear channel and throat making eating very difficult – it looked like a cancerous growth on peter’s one ear, so heavy the poor guy could not lift it up any more. SJ came, did a “group” session on all of them and addressed the micro parasites in peter and the others. I am happy to say they are all fully recovered with perky ears and good appetites again.


Durban, South Africa

We adopted a female husky dog who had clearly had a traumatic start to her life. She had many behavioural problems and was clearly petrified of the thunder storms, so much so that she would break through glass doors and windows to get inside the house. After just one animal talk sessions and inter species communication with Sarah-Jane, she no longer fears the storms. All the fearful behavior she showed prior to the session have gone. She asked to change her name which we have done and she is a healthy, happier dog who has been given a second chance at life.

Dale + Anushka

Pet Owner, Johannesburg, South Africa