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As a person who loves your animal companions and want only the best for them, it’s often difficult for you to see the big picture regarding their health and well being, especially with difficult end of life decisions. Luckily, your animals know this and can help you and your vet to understand their unique health or behavioral challenges animals face while living in our human world – from the animal’s perspective.

All consultations are trauma-informed and combine the spiritual (animal communications, energy medicine & energy clearing) with body-based dietary and lifestyle changes.

The state of balance promotes optimal physical, emotional and mental health, positive behavior and an expanded human-animal bond. 

We’re a unique resource for living a healthy, natural, spiritual life with your dog. I take an integrative approach combining animal communications



Services & Sessions

Sarah-Jane offers enrichment dog walking services in Epsom, Ewell, Ashstead, Cheam & surrounding areas.

Includes pick up and drop off from and to your home – regular bookings weekdays only.

Sarah-Jane is able to schedule appointments customised for your dog’s specific needs, personality and behaviour profile.

Get in touch to book your at home “meet ‘n greet” & schedule your dog’s tailor made “meet, play, run” adventure. 

Includes pick up and drop off from and to your home – home made treats & loving attention.

 Let me give you complete peace of mind that your beloved pets and your home are safe, when you are away on holiday or a business trip. What better way to show your pets how much you love them, than to let them enjoy staying at home with familiar smells, sounds and all the comforts of home. Rest assured your pets will get the love, social time and attention they deserve. My clients enjoy not having to worry about certain pick up and drop off times, their pets safety around other pets, catching kennel cough, Giardia, a virus, or other illnesses or emotional stressors of a kennel or boarding facility.  

Sarah-Jane can offer this service currently in the Epsom, Ewell, Ashstead, Cheam, Sutton area. Meet and Greet to show me your pet care routine, diet, key arrangement and any special needs for your pets and home.

If you prefer not to stress your pet out and change their environment by using a boarding facility while you are away from home, having a pet sitter who is experienced with separation anxiety and behaviour is invaluable! 

Are you struggling with your dog’s behaviour? Maybe he pulls like mad when on the lead, he jumps like a kangaroo when visitors come to the house, or he barks all the time. I can help you! Give me a ring to find out how we can work together and make your routine with your dog a positive and stress free one.

See things from your animal’s point of view and discover any unmet needs that might be at the heart of a behavioural problem. I have helped many animals with trauma, fear, aggression, unwanted/unexplained behaviours, anxiety, fearfullness, and separation issues.

By getting to the root cause of what is creating the problematic behaviour and ruling out any physical issued, I can help you resolve any problems. Call me to book your customised plan for your pet that gets the results you want now and take the guess work and frustration out of what is happening.

Let me provide you with the life style plan and the tools you can confidently use to enjoy a happier, more well-adjusted furry family member. 

Do you feel like you have hit a wall with your puppy or behavioral training? Find out why you are not progressing in training and what you need to do to to shift his receptiveness to the learning process.

Let me help you to formulate a plan to help your pet learn appropriate behaviours and excel in training, whether it is general housebreaking, show training, pack work, social skills or aggression and trust issues that may have arisen after a trauma or injury. Together we work on confidence building, socialisation, inspiration through communication between you and your puppy or dog. Rather than concentrating on obedience, we take a step back and help you understand how your dog learns best, no matter what age by providing the perfect foundation and ground work for them all from new pup to senior rescue dog, to explore the world feeling safe, connected and secure. Be the brilliant, loving pack leader your dog knows you are. Book your quality training now!

Just like you would tell your other kids, a new baby is coming home and work out any insecurities or fears to how the pack dynamic will change, why not check in with your family of animal(s) and ask how they feel before adding a new member to the group.

The kindest and wisest thing you could do for yourself and also an animal you are considering adopting is to discover their personality and understand their past experiences (often traumatic in rescues) to help you make a decision if this is going to be a great match for both of you and also to help both the new addition and your existing pack adjust.

This is especially helpful before and after a new addition is brought into your home and addresses not only the above, but also prepare you with the tools to confidently manage any shifts in hierarchy, stress levels of all concerned and how to optimise the immune systems of all animals involved. Particularly meaningful and valuable for animal lovers, rescue volunteers, breeders and multi-animal households. 

Nothing is more heart breaking than wondering if your missing pet is dead or alive or where they may have got lost. This is where hiring an animal communicator who is well skilled at gestaldt tracking can be a life saver. I connect from a distance with a lost animal mentality and emotionally work to determine whether the animal is alive, injured or dead, what happened, which way it went, whether it is with another person and why he can’t get home on  own. I keep your animal calm and aware we are looking for them, give any energy healing to support them of they are hurt or stressed and give you all clues straight from your pet’s mouth 24/7 so you can do the footwork necessary to get them safely back to you.

I also work to determine the location, direction and distance of the animal’s travel with a 92% success rate on over 20 years of tracking lost animals to get them back safe and sound or in finding the body, give the human’s closure and peace fo mind that they did everything they could.

Given the nature of these situations, no Communicator can guarantee results.
The longer the animal is lost or missing, the more difficult it can be to find them, so time is of the essence in contacting a Communicator for assistance.

Get help with sick or injured animals who despite the best vet care are not recovering.

Get to the root cause of what is going on with you or your animal and accelerate healing or rehabilitation. When I communicate directly with your animal and do a medical intuitive scan, I can find out exactly what could be affecting him/her and the root cause of his/her pain or ailment and give them reassurance and the energy healing they need fast.

This is useful to help support or guide a diagnosis from your vet, especially if you have seemingly unexplained symptoms and has in many cases saved lives and unnecessary, invasive and costly exploratory procedures. It is recommended that you consult a good, holistic veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Healing sessions should not replace veterinary care but can be the missing link in your pet’s recovery.

When your animal is dying, animal communication can help you to find out how your animal is feeling emotionally, if they need help with euthanaesia, if they are in pain or want further treatment or surgery. These session will give you the peace of mind that you have done everything possible for your loved one, assist you in your own grieving process and preparing for their transition whilst honoring your pets wishes.

Not only is this a beautiful way to celebrate the love you share but also to receive any messages and wishes your pet has for you, your Soul contracts and if they are coming back – when and how you will recognise them.It makes the process much less traumatic between guardian and pet.

I am also able to communicate with the spirit of an animal who has died, even if it was some time ago, they continue to guide and love you from Spirit. 

The goal of this session is to illuminate the right path for you and your pet and to help you and your family including other pets, find peace during this difficult time of transition. 

Sarah-Jane also does medical intuitive readings and healing consultations for humans. Sometimes, a session booked for a person’s pet evolves to involve their guardian because, for example, the animal may be absorbing the human’s energy and reflecting any trauma or illness back like a mirror, in the form of a physical or behavioural manifestation.

Intuitive reading consultations are not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis. If you or your animal are injured or ill, please seek the advice of a medical professional.

I did a 10 week “Being Human through Animals – animal communication and bodywork online class with Sarah-Jane in 2013 and it changed my life in ways I didn’t realise possible. I knew I had to experience her Spiritual Safari retreat for myself. When my feet touched the ground and I was with the elephants in the wild I wept.

Words cannot express what changed on such a deep level for me. I am beyond grateful for the many insights and gifts I received from the animals, from the land and from Sarah-Jane’s incredible ability to guide me to my own heart healing. I released so much trauma and am learning to truly love myself for the first time. So much has changed I hardly recognise myself! The best is I now teach other people to talk to their animals and I met my Soul mate now, husband through working with his dog.

Lorraine Emmerson

Hobart, New Zealand

Spirit was rescued from slaughter as a 6 year mare, so it was no surprise even though she now lives a carefree life that she was terrified of people and runs every time I come into the field with the halter. The farrier wasn’t able to get near her to tend to her feet and it was getting serious. After just 3 sessions with Sarah-Jane she has released so much trauma from her body, licking, chewing, shaking. She is no longer clocking on a regular basis and follows me when it is time to go in with no need for a halter and she offers her feet without the need for tranquilizers. It has literally been life changing for us all.

Sarah-Jane’s Trauma to trust process works! It is so different to everything else I have tried before. Trust is the key that has not only changed me, and Spirit but my other horses and animals too. If you get a chance to learn with Sarah-Jane just do it!

Carol Mandretti

Ontario, Canada

I was very skeptical about energy medicine and animal psychics but having an animal communication saved my Mother’s life. I contacted SJ for a session with my golden lab, Bella who literally went from being a social, happy dog to anxious and needy overnight. She wanted me to take my Mother to see the doctor about cancer in her right knee. SJ had no idea that my mother had been in remission for two years and Bella was trying to get my attention through her change in behaviour to let me know. She has always had a very close relationship with my Mother. Not only did the quick intervention save my Mother’s life but Bella returned to her happy self.

I highly recommend Sarah-Jane’s work. She has helped both of my boys with their health and learning difficulties – no more allergies or meltdowns over homework.

Nichola Barnard

Joburg, South Africa

SJ has been a great friend and guide on this journey and I am forever grateful for the role she is playing in my life.  Not only my life, but also to those family members who have become Body Talk followers.  I also use SJ for matrix work in my business and the results have been amazing.

My husband’s mental illness and his infidelity, the separation and trying to pick up the pieces of my life, running my business, a parent losing their much needed job etc.  My life  forgiveness and compassion BUT also where to draw the line where that is concerned.  

Through all of this, I have not been ill once.  Not even a hint of a cold has struck me since I had my first BTS with SJ.  I also stopped taking the anti-depressants the doctor prescribed a few months ago.  My overall health has improved significantly – I have lost 10kg, I feel confident, I look & feel healthy and happy.

Sunette Brittz

Joburg, South Africa

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