I am honored to be able to help women just like you to listen to your greatest teacher – the body. When you understand the emotional root cause of what is causing you pain, illness and disease you can come back to your heart, and learn to love and trust yourself perhaps for the very first time. If you identify as highly sensitive, a perfectionist, people pleaser, over achiever and are burnt out and tired of being a lone wolf, you are in the right place! Together we will explore what is getting in the way of you making great money too, so you can claim your power, believe in your unique gifts and talents with the confidence and have the clarity to live in your true nature. That means learning how to work with your nervous system and the molecules of emotions, so that no matter how stressful it gets when life throws that curveball, you can grow beyond trauma

“Through love, all pain will turn to medicine.

The pains you feel are messengers.
Listen to them”

— Rumi 


Compassionate Insight – Deep Body, Mind, Spirit Healing  – Powerful Somatic Tools – Radical Transformation – Total Trust

A bit about me…..

  Sarah-Jane has a phD in grief & trauma resolution that she got out in the field of life experiences growing up in war torn Zimbabwe. As an adult child of an alcoholic parent, she suffered in her early twenties from a multitude of chronic health issues, anxiety, depression, perfectionism and shame based trauma patterns that come from a disorganised attachment style. After receiving multiple diagnosis including an inoperable brain tumor in her mid thirties, she left a narcissistic, abusive partner, and went through a dark night if the soul which brought her into the world of alternative healing and never looked back. She has spent almost three decades working on her own healing and with her clients, to get to the emotional root cause of physical and mental ailments and imbalances through the body mind connection. ​

She has spent over two decades as an animal communicator, pet psychic, behavioralist, integrative energy practitioner and functional, heart-based business coach. Her unique methodolgy combines metaphysical and shamanic practices, the ancient wisdom of eastern medicine with the latest cutting edge neuroscience and attachment theory.

Some of my Shiny Credentials

Advanced Parama Certified Bodytalk Practitioner (2003)

dip TCM/ TCVM – 5 Element Theory, Acupuncture & Meridian Therapy (2004)

Relational Somatic Psychotherapy – Peter Levine, Diane Poole Hellier, Dr Gabor Mate (2011) Diane Hellier DARE Attachment Course.

Transitions, Death and Grief – Dr Stephen Jenkinson, Dr Francis Weller (2015)

Mindscape, Sacred Geometry & Biogeometry – Kris Attard Dr Amit Goswami (2008)

Animal Communication, Equine Psychotherapy, Zoopharmacology & Behavioral Issues (2001)

Craniosacral Therapy (2000)

Cert. Breakthrough, Access Consciousness Bars, Bodywork & Energetic Facelift

LMT, MsC, Applied Human Nutrition, Ayurveda, Holotropic Breathwork (2003 – 2018)

Compassionate Inquiry Master Class - Dr Gabor Mate (2019)

Product launch Formula - Jeff Walker (2017)

I’m a pragmatic medical intuitive, modern day medicine woman and pet psychic who has been communicating with animals and the natural world since I was a child.

I also know that in order to get the rapid results you want in your health, relationships, money flows, and business you have to get to the emotional root cause of what’s keeping you stuck and in physical discomfort.

I believe thatYour body is talking to you all the time, you just can’t hear it because the mind often gets in the way. I can help you to get to the heart of what truly matters by decoding the purpose and meaning of all pain, disease and suffering. When you learn the ancient wisdom and language of your body you will heal and release any and all unresolved grief, trauma wounds, imprints and programs.

I am here to help you come home to your heart so that you can show up authentically and thrive on your terms, trusting you are safe, worthy of love and abundance.

Through compassionate inquiry, you will understand your attachment style and the protective/ coping patterns you developed as a child to keep you safe – at the level of your nervous system. By learning the metaphysical anatomy and  psycho emotional, energetics of  Five-element theory and where you function from, you truly will “know thyself and BE your own medicine.”

Because you are wired for connection, safety, and belonging, you are both traumatized and healed through relationship dynamics.

If you are an animal lover which most sensitive empaths are, then you already know your pet’s health and well-being can be affected by your emotional and physical state. When you learn to communicate with your super consciousness, your spirit guides, and animal companions you will create positive lasting change in your life and theirs.

I use my intuitive gifts along with biofeedback from your body-mind-spirit connection, to create rapid results through quantum healing prescriptions unique to each and every client – human and animal. The transformations from incorporating lifestyle medicine, somatic breath-work, and energy medicine speak for themselves.

Rumor has it that I have the ability to communicate complex topics with humor, clarity, and fierce love. With deeper knowledge comes greater understanding and self-love.

It is an honor to have you join me on this incredible journey of self-discovery. Together we are creating infinite possibilities for a kinder, sustainable world where all life can thrive.