How To Find Missing & Lost Pets.

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As a person who loves your animal companions, you want only the best for them.

This is why it’s often really difficult for you to see the big picture regarding their health and well-being, especially with difficult end-of-life decisions.

Luckily, your animal companions know this and can help you (and your vet) to understand the unique health or behavioral challenges they face while living in our human world – from their perspective.

All consultations are trauma-informed and address healing on all levels of body, mind, heart and spirit. I work with the animal using all my senses and a transfer of energy between us to address what is a priority for them. This gives  you insight into any concerns they have or what they need and more.

An Integrative Approach

Animal communication and healing can benefit you and your pet

Resolve mystery illnesses, help your vet with diagnosis.

Energetic healing in person, and from a distance.

Relieve trauma, anxiety, and conflict.

Get end of life and grief support.

Restore trust, well-being and calm in traumatised or rescue pets.

Deepen your relationship with your pets and receive soul lessons & guidance

Support your pet during treatment, surgery & recovery.

Learn why your pet is lost, Gestaldt track & provide energetic support.

Support senior pets & euthanasia and/or treatment decisions.

Get to the root of behaviour problems such as separation anxiety.

Connect & communicate with your pet in spirit.

Extend your pet's lifespan with 'food as medicine.'.

How I can help you

Animal Communication and intuitive medical body scans get to the root cause of the problem and clarify exactly what your pet needs. As a certified advanced Parama Bodytalk Practitioner, I combine Bodytalk, with TCM 5 element theory and Somatic Experiencing to get results quickly. A wholistic, integrative and functional approach means you also receive symptom-specific dietary, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.

General Consultation | $175

60 – 90 Minutes | Virtual or In-Person (depends on location)

Get to the bottom of behavioural, physical or emotional problems with your companion animal. Instant peace of mind, straight from your pet.

An Animal Communication and clarity consultation that gets to the bottom of what kind of help you or your pet needs specifically. This wholistic, integrative and functional approach means you receive symptom-specific dietary, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations.

Energetic Healing | $155

60 – 90 Minutes | Virtual or In-Person (depends on location)

Get to the root cause of what is ailing your animal and accelerate healing or rehabilitation. Healing sessions should not replace veterinary care but can be the missing link in your pet’s recovery.

A medication intuitive scan can help you discover exactly what could be affecting your companion animal and expose the root cause of his/her pain and provide reassurance and clarity.

This technique is useful to help support or guide a diagnosis from your vet, especially if you have unexplained symptoms. Energetic Healing sessions may prevent the need for invasive and costly exploratory procedures. It is recommended that you consult a holistic veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment recommendations.


Lost Pet | $295

))))Up to 3 Days On-going Tracking | Virtual

This is a very highly skilled and highly focused function known as Gestaldt tracking or remote viewing that can be life saving.

This involves focusing my attention and communicating energetically/ telepathically with your lost pet , gathering information and working with them to find where they may be, and if they can get home.  I do my utmost to accurately interpret the images or words they give me and I will then send you information and the specific clues as I get them. As you are more familiar with your area we work together to decipher the clues which may assist you in the safe return of your beloved pet.

I have been able to describe what some animals have shown me in detail. Things like specific names of streets, areas or people as well as house numbers or co ordinates.

I also keep your animal calm and aware that we are looking for them, give any energy healing to support them if they are hurt or stressed. I depend on you being willing to do the ground work necessary to get them safely back to you.

I also work to determine the location, direction and distance of your pet’s travel or assist in finding his/her body, giving you closure and peace of mind that they did everything they could. This communication is usually done with you via WhatsApp.

Given the nature of these impossible situations, and the fact that animals are constantly on the move (unless they are trapped) – no Communicator including myself can guarantee a happy outcome. The longer the animal is lost or missing, the more difficult it can be to find them, so time is of the essence!

Emergency | $195

60 Minutes | Virtual or In-Person (depends on location)

An emergency session is a time sensitive consultation that is classified as URGENT. When you are in crisis and need answers fast, you can’t wait. You will be given priority over other sessions when possible within 24 hours or the next available appointment. If I am away holding a workshop or retreat it may take a little longer. I will do my best to reach you quickly but please be mindful I can not guarantee an instant response.

This type of session covers (but is not limited to) supporting a diagnosis where there is a very limited window for treatment, and/or addressing an urgent or sensitive behaviour or aggression issue.

In Spirit | $155

60 Minutes | Virtual

The goal of this session is to illuminate the right path for you and your pet and to help you and your family including other pets, find peace during this difficult time of transition.

During this session, your animal communicates personal wisdom, insight, and perspective surrounding their death and dying process, and their transition to spirit. They often share messages and personal details to provide a deep sense of connection, peace, comfort, and purpose as you adjust to life without them. You will be able tell them anything you want them to know or ask them questions.

You will receive energy healing to help you with your grief and remove any energetic blocks so that you can keep your heart open to receive messages and deepen your relationship and communication with them on the other side.

Gain peace of mind that you did everything you could for your pet and find the answers you need to be able to grieve and move forward in your life.

I am also able to communicate with the spirit of an animal who has passed, even if it was some time ago – they continue to guide and love you from Spirit.

My book, ‘Until we Meet Again – How to carry your grief, find peace after pet loss and connect in the Afterlife’ will guide you through every aspect of your grief and healing journey.

Transition & Loss | $155

60+ Minutes | Virtual

When your pets are seriously ill or declining due to advanced age, it is natural to struggle with making the best decision for their care and quality of life.

This session will help your pet to make the choice to pass peacefully or heal their body. They will get the reassurance from you that they don’t have to stay longer than necessary because they are worried that you are not ready. Your pet will answer any questions you have about them and specific details about what they want including assistance in the dying process. This is a wonderful way to honor their wishes and celebrate the life you share with total peace of mind.

Any healing work and body processes they require to either heal or transition are also offered to the animal. This session includes animal communications, distance healing, support materials and a recording of your session.  

This a beautiful way to celebrate the love you share and to receive any messages and wishes your pet has for you, your Soul Contracts, and if they are coming back – when and how you will recognise them.

Once you book your session you will receive a questionnaire to fill out and return, along with the Zoom meeting link if the session is virtual. After your session you will receive the audio replay, along with any advice and recommendations. You will also receive email support and a follow up check in to see how your pet is progressing.

Please note that animal communication does not substitute for help from a trusted veterinarian or animal health professional. If your animal is unwell, please seek medical help for them. 

Trauma to Trust Workshop

$555 | 1 Day 10am – 5pm | Virtual or In-Person (depends on location)

Learn how to support animals through Trauma release and recovery, and create a safe space for them to trust again in this one-day private session.

This workshop was developed to teach the Trust Process technique to not only pet-owners, but anyone working with animals, such as veterinary practitioners, animal welfare,  sanctuary and reserve caregivers, behaviourists, ethical breeders, and those who work with performance animals. As you work with your animals, you are working with your own nervous system so you can remain flexible in any uncertainty.

Being Human Through Animal Communication

$299 | Online Programme

Your Animals want to be heard and they want to gift their thoughts and desires to you.

Are you ready to explore a whole new relationship with your horse, dog, cat or other animal friend and discover what is truly possible when you step out of the box of limiting belief and step into the world of Animal Communication?

This programme is for you!

There is life after loss…

Even though you know that your pet will likely die before you, losing them is a life-shattering event that will change you forever. Through true stories, practical tips, spiritual tools and mindfulness-based practices, Until We Meet Again is the complete guidebook for grieving animal lovers, those who love them and anyone who is struggling to find peace after unspeakable losses.

“The deep insights about the unspoken truths of pet loss, grief, love and healing in this book has been my saving grace when I was grief stricken with multiple pet deaths.” Reader

“Knowing my pet is coming back made my grief bearable when I had to say goodbye.” Reader

Available in Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle.

Not just ‘another’ Dog Walker


Do you want a dog-walker or pet-sitter who understands animals, can communicate with your pet and help him to overcome behaviour or training issues?

Sarah-Jane understands your companion animal better than the average dog-walker. Services include but aren’t limited to dog walks, pet-sitting in your home or at hers, new pack member introductions, puppy/kitten visits, or wellness check-ins, and training advice. Check out the adventures on FB @sjdogservices

Your peace of mind is important so I have full personal liability insurance cover, an adv. DBS check and K9 crash proof crates in the van. A registration and consent form to find out all about your doggo and a  key-safety deposit box will be supplied upon confirmation.

Spirit was rescued from slaughter as a 6 year mare, so it was no surprise even though she now lives a carefree life that she was terrified of people and runs every time I come into the field with the halter. The farrier wasn’t able to get near her to tend to her feet and it was getting serious. After just 3 sessions with Sarah-Jane she has released so much trauma from her body, licking, chewing, shaking. She is no longer clocking on a regular basis and follows me when it is time to go in with no need for a halter and she offers her feet without the need for tranquilizers. It has literally been life changing for us all.

Sarah-Jane’s Trauma to trust process works! It is so different to everything else I have tried before. Trust is the key that has not only changed me, and Spirit but my other horses and animals too. If you get a chance to learn with Sarah-Jane just do it!

Carol Mandretti

Ontario, Canada

I did a 10 week “Being Human through Animals” – animal communication online class with Sarah-Jane and it changed my life in ways I didn’t realise were possible.

Words cannot express what changed on such a deep level for me. I am beyond grateful for the many insights and gifts I received from the animals, and from Sarah-Jane’s incredible ability to guide me to my own heart healing. I released so much trauma and am learning to truly love myself for the first time. So much has changed I hardly recognise myself! The best is I now teach other people to talk to their animals and I met my Soul mate now, husband through working with his dog.

Lorraine Emmerson

Hobart, New Zealand

I was very skeptical about energy medicine and animal psychics but having an animal communication saved my Mother’s life. I contacted SJ for a session with my golden lab, Bella who literally went from being a social, happy dog to anxious and needy overnight. She wanted me to take my Mother to see the doctor about cancer in her right knee. SJ had no idea that my mother had been in remission for two years and Bella was trying to get my attention through her change in behaviour to let me know. She has always had a very close relationship with my Mother. Not only did the quick intervention save my Mother’s life but Bella returned to her happy self.

I highly recommend Sarah-Jane’s work. She has helped both of my boys with their health and learning difficulties – no more allergies or meltdowns over homework.

Nichola Barnard

Johannesburg, South Africa

Our journey together has been a long and connected one! I have been working with Sarah-Jane for over a decade, since my Oriental stud went missing and have consulted her on many occasions for my pets’ health and well-being.

She has taught me how the “From Trauma to Trust” programme is crucial to releasing trauma for my furrbabies. Our highly strung Oriental and Peterbalds, our Ragdoll who was eliminating on beds, our anxious, traumatised Beagle who was attacked by another dog, and our food-aggressive, cancer-patient rescue Basset, have all benefited immensely from her wisdom and skills. The Trust technique also diffused a potentially dangerous situation for me, where I was cornered by multiple dogs who had gotten out of the neighbor’s yard. We also refer SJ to our kittens’ owners as our #1 choice for anything trauma or behaviour-related and she has helped many of them!

Nicole Barratt

Texas, USA

Contact Me

When your beloved animal is having troubles unique to them ad their Soul contract with you. I know how difficult it can be to help them without trauma-informed support. You don’t have to try figure it out on your own especially when your vet has exhausted every possible diagnostic test and is still stumped. Contact me to discuss how I can best support you both, so you can get back to being healthy and living a long life together.