Understand your beloved pet’s unique body-mind-soul personality type,
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Sarah-Jane Farrell – Animal Wellness and Communication



Animal Wellness and Inter Species Communication

Sarah-Jane Farrell is fondly known as the Trust Doctor. With a phD in life experiences growing up in the bush war of Zimbabwe  and over twenty years as a practicing animal wellness and communication, she is a certified nervous system specialist and energy healing facilitator who helps animals, and their human friends release their deepest traumas, allowing them to heal from and overcome chronic mental, physical, and emotional conditions and return to trust – in self, in others, in life and a loving Universe.

As a psychic medical intuitive and HSP, Sarah-Jane also has the ability to communicate with other species and helps people understand their soul contracts and lessons from the animals who share their lives through psychological states and “feelings”, assisting in finding lost pets, body scanning for medical reasons and provide guidance and tools to assist with all animal behaviour and illness.

Through her healing “Trauma to Trust centered Core Process” innate to us, as both predator and prey, animals and nature teach us how to be present, compassionate and to love with a whole heart. Animals show us the way to reconnect with our true nature – where you have come from and where you need to go, with ALLOWANCE, PATIENCE and SELF LOVE.



For vets, rescue workers, game rangers, animal communicators, trainers, performers or animal lovers who want to deepen their relationship with their animal companions by implementing invaluable methodology and two way dialogue before you begin asking the animals to want to train through inspiration and two way open communication or to support the animals through energy healing or other modalities.


Inter-species communication knows no time or space and has no geographical boundaries. It is limitless as a form of communication from your animal through pictures, smells, words and feelings.


Sarah-Jane uses medical-intuitive body scanning and telepathic communication to “reset” the nervous system and release any unresolved trauma from the tissues resulting in a more holistic picture of your pet’s health.


Addressing any specific health, performance or behavioural concerns or just to deepen your connection with you animal by learning to use the Trust process, inspiration through communication not fear based domination, Sarah-Jane helps you connect.


Curious about why your cat is being aggressive?
Want to know why your horse keeps going lame?
Need to get to the bottom of your dog’s behaviour changes?

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I contacted SJ after being referred by my breeding partner because my young Oriental stud who had been a model show cat had abruptly started showing aggression towards me, particularly at shows. After a session with Auri, SJ uncovered that the cause of his aggression was cross-transference of my own pain and scar tissue on my spine, as I had suffered with chronic back pain and had fallen down the stairs at a show. That is where it all began. After a few sessions he began to improve and I was able to identify and treat my medical problems appropriately. Auri is now back on show, his normal, affectionate self and is taking home awards consistently. Thank you SJ. I cannot be more grateful to you for helping both Auri and me.

Mariette Burger

Breeder, LaMASKA Cattery

I have been working with Sarah-Jane for many years since my Oriental stud went missing and have consulted her on many occasions for my cats’ health and well-being, via communication or body scan. More recently, she has taught me how the Trust Process can be beneficial to releasing the trauma of my beagle, Holly, who had been attacked and carried a lot of pain and anxiety. Our relationship has grown into a friendship and into a professional realm where she helped me to let go of fear take the leap to build my dream business as a designer and creator… an alchemist. Thank you SJ. I am forever grateful for your guidance and no-nonsense attitude and for teaching me about my beautiful animals and what they need from me to live a fulfilling life.

Nicole Barratt

Breeder & Pet Owner, Kioko Cattery

My show jumping days were at their peak and GoldStar was jumping well. Almost overnight he started to spook and refused to jump especially over water. Sarah-Jane had been recommended to me by another girl at my barn in Kentucky. She communicated with GS and also did some realignment of his spine and shoulder, which explained the lame back leg and his need to throw me – he was in terrible pain. Through the her sessions the lameness subsided, and many of his emotional fears were resolved. With her guidance, and a lot of love and patience, my relationship with my horse has improved greatly. I realise we are in this together and take his lead. We have just finished 2nd in regionals and are on our way to great things!

Rebecca Farnsworth

Show Jumper , Kentucky, USA