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feel safe again so that you can heal yourself from all trauma & attachment wounds

When was the last time you felt deeply happy and safe enough to set yourself free from shame? 

You are fundamentally designed to “feel in order to heal”, even if your childhood was less than ideal, your secure attachment system is biologically programmed into you , and your first priority is to feel safely embodied so that you can then get to the root cause of what’s blocking that–and learn what you can do, to make those secure tendencies more dominant than irrational fear so you can finally find love, abundance and joy.



Compassionate Insight – Powerful Tools – Radical Transformation – Total Trust

Sarah-Jane Farrell ,adv Par CBP, TCVM, MSC – combines a lifetime of shamanism, breath work, spiritual practice, her love for nature as medicine in equine psychotherapy and animal communication. She provides intuitive guidance for people who are seeking rapid transformation and deep intimate connections in their lives with what she continues to learn & teach,  in the ever changing field of body, mind quantum energy medicine, spiritual sciences and a holistic approach to trauma healing. 



5 day virtual bootcamp to a healthy body, quiet mind and abundant life – finding your way home to the heart of what really matters in times of uncertainty and chaos

  • Rewire your brain from negativity survival response,
  • Trust your triggers.
  • Face your fears.
  • Heal your money wound.
  • Lean into greater intimacy and loving relationships.
  • Embrace the unknown.
  • Access your creative potential.

Being Human Through Animals

From healing to communication, dog-walking to behaviour, Sarah-Jane follows a heart-to-heart, connected and natural approach. Sarah-Jane’s mission is to expand and improve the well-being of animals and their people by resolving trauma on a cellular level, through trust-centered communication, energy and lifestyle medicine.

Journeys on Ancient Soil™ Retreat

Coming Home to the Herd

Connect with Mother Nature and Africa’s elephants as they help you reset your inner compass on this self-altering Retreat.

Learn to weather what comes your way and stay the course as you create what you are here to bring into the world.

I started working with SJ because everything in my life felt off – I was at a point where I was no longer happy living in one country and needed travel again and see other cultures and experience other countries. I started coaching with SJ because I had a lot of fear about what that would do for my business and my life. I was scared to disrupt what was working to expand my life. My experience with SJ was great. She held the space for me as I traveled to the UK and went back and forth to India and made the decision to move from South Africa to Asia. She helped me find clarity and understanding on what changes I needed to make to my business in order to create the life I wanted to create, which has been critical for the next phase of my journey and my life. SJ was the catalyst I needed for me to step into my dream life with courage and start really building a company I genuinely love. Highly recommend her to assist you in getting clarity and success in your life and biz!
Vangile Mcwkwa

Author, Speaker, Money Catalyst, Wealthy Money

I’ve learned to heal myself, to value myself, to love myself and to be more accepting of myself. Sarah-Jane really sees me and has taught me to trust my own known. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in an effort to find a way to heal from aggressive rheumatoid arthritis. After a Skype session with Sarah-Jane I could actually feel my spine straightening and the pain move through and out my body. Not only was I healed from a seemingly incurable diagnosis, emotionally I cleared years of narcissistic abuse from various partners and was able to forgive the people who hurt me in my childhood. I am so grateful that I am no longer stuck in the cycle of trauma and for the first time ever, I am excited about my life. I have lost over 20kgs, moved to a new country and left my abusive marriage.
Janét Aizenstros

Chairwoman & CEO, Ahava Group Global (AGG)

Our journey together has been a long and connected one! I have been working with Sarah-Jane for almost a decade, since my Oriental stud went missing and have consulted her on many occasions for my pets’ health and well-being. More recently, she has taught me how the “From Trauma to Trust” programme is crucial to releasing trauma for my furrbabies. Our highly strung Oriental and Peterbald cats, our anxious, traumatised Beagle and food-aggro rescue Basset have benefited immensely from her wisdom and skills. So much so that we refer her to our kittens’ owners as our #1 choice for anything trauma or behaviour-related. Our relationship evolved into a professional one when it became MY turn. During the months following the birth of my son, my anxiety and panic disorder at its peak. SJ coached me through the darkness to find a safe space to exist in mentally. A few years later, after being retrenched twice in 18 months, Sarah-Jane helped me to take the leap to build my dream business as a freelance designer and creator… an alchemist.  Thank you SJ. I am forever grateful!
Nicole Barratt

Creative Director & Registered Cat Breeder, The Alchemy Creative & Kioko Oriental, Siamese & Peterbald

One of our rhino females had managed to get herself onto the other side of the reserve fence and was so panicked by the collective fear of being killed for her horn that she would not come back into the reserve. We decided to contact Sarah-Jane to assist us in trying to get her back inside the reserve as we did not want to anethestise her. SJ said she explained to her why it was so important that she move back through the opening in the fence into the reserve, so that she could be protected. We watched her for some ten minutes, she twitched her ears, lifted up her head almost like she had an “aha” moment, stomped the ground and did a 180 turn and trotted back inside the fence within a matter of minutes. It was incredible to watch, so gentle and non-threatening. We will definitely change the way we do things on the farm in future. Her chronic diarrhea due to micro parasites resolved within 4 days when we found rhino droppings that looked like they should again and did not have to give her antibiotics thanks to SJ.
Luke Bennett


Not just another dog-walker!

Sarah-Jane offers a variety of pet-related services to meet your needs

Do you want a dog-walker who understands animal behaviour, can communicate to your pet and help him overcome behaviour or training issues?

Sarah-Jane understands your companion animal better than the average dog-walker. So, whether you need daily dog walkspet-sitting, help with behaviour or wellnesspuppy visits, or check-ins for medication, Sarah-Jane has it covered. 

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