Heal from the toxic effects of trauma and learn to trust yourself again.

Meet uncertainty with a peaceful, self-empowered presence through online programs, live retreats and trauma-informed coaching.

Find peace after pet loss.

This FREE Grief Support video series will help you move through the heartbreak and grief of losing a beloved pet so that you can connect with them in spirit.

Heal your trauma wounds,  restore self trust and meet uncertainty with self empowered presence.

International Trauma Informed Life Coach, Animal Communicator & Spiritual Business Mentor.

Growing up during a violent bush war in Zimbabwe with an alcoholic father, I spent most of my youth longing for a sense of safety, connection and belonging. It was the wild animals and my pets who gave me sanctuary – always present, loving and constant in their communications. Over a lifetime of traumatic events, the animals have saved me from myself. I have dedicated my life to share what they continue to teach me – that when you learn to create your own safety, with a flexible nervous system you thrive.

I believe  that when you shift the relationship you have with your protector parts and acknowledge where you have come from that is causing you pain, you become safely embodied no matter how challenging life gets. You can value your gifts and have meaningful, loving relationships with yourself and others.We’re not meant to navigate uncertainty and life’s difficulties on our own. We need each other in safe, co-regulation if we are going to heal and transform the traumatic layers of deep grief, shame, self-doubt and other brilliant coping patterns we’ve developed to navigate chronic, unpredictable toxic stress and ever present uncertainty. 

If you are seeking support for yourself or your pet to restore trust and live a purpose driven, happy life beyond fatigue and stress, I invite you to book a session. I’d be honored to help you discover what is truly possible.

 Transformative Services And Support.

Intuitive Life and Business Transformation


Life is full of uncertainty, grief, loss and challenges which affect all areas of life. You are not alone. When you have the right support and a safe, non judgmental environment you can reconnect with your body, soul and personal power . I’m here to listen with a compassion and a fierce open heart to meet you exactly where you’re at.

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Pets suffer from physical and emotional challenges too, that are often misunderstood or missed by western medicine. Animal communication and energy healing sessions can help to resolve trauma, assist your vet with mystery illness, help rescue animals to trust again, resolve pack hierarchy, inappropriate spraying and big life changes.

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It’s so easy to give up on your dreams of doing work you love when things don’t go the way you planned. But, you don’t have to! If you are ready to work with your attachment patterns not against them, so you magnetise people, opportunities and money with an unshakable sense of self-worth because you are aligned with your purpose, I invite you to

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I had no idea how much my family trauma was affecting me!

“SJ helped me find clarity and understanding on what changes I needed to make to my business in order to create the life I wanted. I had been stuck for so long and when I understood how much my family trauma especially around money had been keeping me small, I was able to heal and accelerate my growth. SJ was the catalyst I needed for me to step into my dream life with courage, travel the world and serve women of color to live a life they love. I highly recommend Sj if you want to get clarity on your purpose and reach your highest potential!”

Vangile Macwakwa

Author, Speaker, Money Catalyst, Wealthy Money

I cleared years of narcissistic abuse!

 “After working with Sarah-Jane on my trauma and attachment wounds, I could actually feel my spine straightening and the pain move through and out my body. Not only was I healed from a seemingly incurable diagnosis, emotionally I cleared years of narcissistic abuse from various partners. I trust and love myself again and have been finally able to forgive the people who hurt me in my childhood. I am so grateful that I am no longer stuck in the cycle of trauma and for the first time ever, I am excited about my life. I have lost over 20kgs, moved to a new country and left my abusive marriage.”

Janét Aizenstros

Chairwoman & CEO, Ahava Group Global (AGG)

My #1 Choice for any pet trauma & behaviour issues

“I have been working with Sarah-Jane for over a decade. She has taught me how the “Trauma to Trust” programme is crucial to releasing trauma for my furrbabies. Our highly strung Oriental and Peterbalds, stressed Ragdoll, anxious, traumatised Beagle, and food-aggressive, cancer-patient rescue Basset, have benefitted from her wisdom and skills. We refer SJ to our kittens’ owners as our #1 choice for anything trauma or behaviour-related.

During the months following the birth of my son, my anxiety and panic disorder was at its peak. SJ coached me to find a safe space to exist in and a few years later helped me during a career transition after being retrenched twice in 18 months. I’ve never looked back!”

Nicole Barratt

Creative Director & Registered Cat Breeder

An 'Aha' moment for a panicked Rhino

“One of our rhino females had managed to get herself onto the other side of the reserve fence and was so panicked that she would not come back into the reserve. We decided to contact Sarah-Jane to assist us in trying to get her back inside the reserve. SJ communicated to her why it was so important that she move back through the opening in the fence into the reserve, so that she could be protected. We watched her for ten minutes, she twitched her ears, lifted up her head almost like she had an “aha” moment, stomped the ground and did a 180 turn and trotted back inside the fence within a matter of minutes. It was incredible to watch; so gentle and non-threatening. SJ pickd up  micro parasites which were giving her diarrhoea which  resolved  4 days after the Bodytalk quantum healing session .”

Luke Bennett