Over the past 2 decades I have had the privilege of working with incredibly resilient clients in various stages of their personal and business growth.

One thing they all have in common is that they want to get to the root cause of what is keeping then stuck so that they can heal from unresolved grief and trauma wounds and claim their power. They want to understand where they come from and how their unique history and attachment style has created an inflexible nervous system. When they know where they have come from, they can befriend their nervous system, restore trust in their abilities, value their gifts with unshakable confidence, and create a thriving business, and a life they love.

If you are here, maybe you can relate. They were burnt out from working hard but not getting the results they longed for. They come from a variety of industries including coaches, healers, artists, creatives, tech start-ups, lawyers, and CEOs frustrated and disconnected from their purpose and their hearts. If you are wondering how to end the lack, and scarcity cycle or restore your relationships, make a lot more money and a bigger impact then I am here for you.

I an not your ordinary business coach – I am an intuitive and trauma-informed energy medicine practitioner and spiritual healer. My functional and integrative approach to business and healing (including your money trauma) works at the root cause of your survival patterns – at the level of the nervous system. This is what sets my work apart from the cookie-cutter approach and accelerates my client’s results. When you learn how to befriend your nervous system and trust your intuition instead of banging your head against the wall following other people’s systems everything changes.

Private coaching with Sarah-Jane is perfect for you if

You are tired of trying to figure it out on your own, stop procrastinating, and want to finally get clear on your purpose.

You constantly compare yourself to others' and you don’t believe you are capable of achieving their level of success.

You wonder why everything is so difficult that you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed with following through.

You are frustrated that you can’t bring in a consistent income no matter how hard you work.

You have invested in coaches and programmes, gone through the motions and you still haven't got the results you desire.

How will you feel when you look back a year from now if nothing has changed?

The thing is, you can’t see what is stopping you from getting results when you are in survival mode – working in your business rather than with and on it. How you do anything, is how you do everything. So you have more than likely already realized that there are ruptures in your other relationships as well.

None of this is your fault. Up until now, you weren’t taught the importance of having a flexible nervous system or how to tune into your body to create your own safety in the face of uncertainty. Stop being a lone wolf and let me be that certainty for you when fear comes up and you want to revert back to all your brilliant coping strategies to stop you from having what you want.

Being of service when the world is in upheaval is a trip… We have to have a flexible nervous system, be safely grounded, do our own trauma informed shadow work, and approach everyone with compassion. And run smart, businesses. The world needs your unique gifts and heart-centred leaders like you.

Are you ready to…

Explore and transform the unconscious trauma wounds that are holding you back from living into your purpose.

Be open-minded, curious and willing to receive the support you crave so that you can learn, apply and accelerate your business and your life?

Invest in yourself in a big way on all levels - emotionally, spiritually, energetically, financially, and play full out?

Take full responsibility for your results and become more open to success?


Book a Business Coaching Session

Ask me about my 12 week, 6 month 1-2-1, or 1-day VIP high level package options!

Business Mentoring Session | £250

60 Minutes | Virtual


VIP Coaching Day | £2 995

1 Day | Virtual

If you desire to cut the timeline down, and do 6 weeks of coaching in a single day, a VIP Day is for you!

Please fill out the pre-session questionnaire at least 24 hours before your session time. You will be sent a zoom link (unless you are coming to the clinic) along with a payment request. Session confirmation on proof of payment 24 hours prior to session time.

I am thrilled that you are ready to heal your past, unlock your full potential and live a purpose driven life that you love. One where your heart-led business and your money work for you.

You will get laser-focused, trauma-informed, somatic cutting-edge, no BS mentoring that gets you what you want and didn’t know was holding you back in every area of your life and business.

I’ve had the privilege of guiding business owners and entrepreneurs to trust themselves, to value their gifts, and to create businesses and lifestyles they LOVE.

First, we will get to the root cause of your issues by finding out where you came from (trauma and attachment patterns) that are holding you back from being present (safely embodied) so that you can unlock your potential and purpose.

If you want to stop procrastinating and self-sabotaging, you have to get out of your ‘busyness’ and into your body. You are in the right place to accelerate your business, consistently reach your goals and finally see the results you know are possible. You will leave with a plan that you can immediately implement!

Look, I know how scary it can feel to take a big risk and invest in yourself because you are your greatest asset. I want you to feel safe and supported by me to reach your full potential.

The only decision you need to make right now is to say YES and claim your purpose.

If you complete the 12 weeks of private coaching and you have taken action, implemented all the steps and you’re not happy with your results, then I will work with you until you do, at no extra cost.

I wanted to share how over the moon I am to have discovered your trauma-informed approach. I found my thing, this is it and I know exactly how my trauma fits into my story. The training has taught me so much – I’m mindful now of following through, of having patience, and giving myself a chance to evolve this approach.

It fits in so beautifully with all I’ve learnt so far with the ancient wisdoms and nutrition. It completes the beginning for me which I was searching for – I knew there was more to us humans. I love the multiple parts approach too that you’ve showed me – it’s so very healing.

I feel so deeply how much this is needed in the world right now because that’s what I needed too. Someone to show me that I’m made of the goodness and not just the difficult stuff. I think you’re amazing with what you do and how you share it, and how you’ve helped me in such a short time. I’m truly grateful to have found you.

Katarina Hunter

I had been at an impasse about my career, multiple times over the years, being increasingly unhappy working in corporate environments where I just didn’t fit, but also scared to do my own thing because of the lack of security that might bring. SJ coached me to move through my past trauma into a space of trust, so I could let go of that fear. After being retrenched twice in 18 months, not because of any of my own shortcomings, but because I just wasn’t invested in being micro-managed and undervalued anymore, SJ became MY first freelance client.

6 Years later and a move to another continent, I am more mindful of empathetic burnout, open to trying new things, and often refer back to our sessions. The value of the impact she’s had on my life is priceless! SJ helped me to realise that this was what I really wanted all along, for years! Don’t let the fear paralyse you – it’s just another obstacle to your own success in life, love and business. Thank you SJ!

Nicole Barratt


I take your investment in time and money very seriously. You will receive my laser-focused, undivided attention along with the best business practices and content that has produced incredible results for my clients. This isn’t a cookie-cutter experience; it’s your personal prescription for sustainable success and abundance.

Contact me if you’re not sure what kind of support you may need and we’ll figure it out together.