Trauma To Trust Process

Learn how to support animals through Trauma release and recovery, and create a safe space for them to trust again in this one-day private session.

This workshop was developed to teach the Trust Process technique to not only pet-owners, but anyone working with animals, such as veterinary practitioners, animal welfare,  sanctuary and reserve caregivers, behaviourists, ethical breeders, and those who work with performance animals.

Previous workshops have occurred in South Africa, United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.


See visible change in your pets’ and yourself with Sarah-Jane’s Trust Process

Join me and explore the joy of inspiration through two-way open communication and trusted co-regulation. It is the Avatar energy that says: “I feel you, feeling me.” Do we have a conversation? Are you with me?,

Without trust, nothing can evolve and grow. We need safety, connection, and belonging so that we can grieve for everything we have lost or never had. Your animal companions are affected by your unprocessed emotions and by learning the Trauma to Trust Process, you honor your soul contract with them.

When our relationship shifts from trauma-based fear or shut down to trust and truth-telling, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning and deep, cellular healing. As you work with your animal companion, you are working with your own nervous system and become more flexible in any uncertainty.

Learn the Trauma to Trust Process

There are 3 Options to suit your specific needs

Often these retreats are offered at sanctuaries or rescue centres with the animals and their guardians, who I have helped as part of my gratitude ‘give-back’, so that this valuable work can change the lives of both people and animals around the world.

1 Day Private Workshop

10am – 5pm | $555

Workshops are conducted Virtual or In-Person (depends on location)

1 Day Group Workshop

$197 per person

Workshops are conducted Virtual or In-Person (depends on location). Minimum 5 People required.

Online Programme

$222 per student | Coming Soon!

This programme is developed for self-paced asynchronous, online learning and is delivered via pre-recorded video.

Together we can contribute to leaving the world a better place than we found it

Get to the root cause of behaviour, health and emotional problems

Feel more connected and bonded to your pet

Help your pet heal from grief and trauma

See visible changes in your pet's health and behaviour

Build confidence, trust and compassion

Release your own unresolved grief and trauma

How It Works

During workshops, I will spend a full day with you and your pet from the comfort of your home, sanctuary or facility and teach you how to use the Trauma to Trust process. The self-paced TTT Programme will not be conducted in person and is an online course that you will work through on your own.

See visible changes in you and your pet

By the end of the day you will see visible changes in your pets and yourself, and you will feel confident and more connected to your beloved animal companion. 

Understanding two-way intuitive communications

When you understand through two way intuitive communications where you are both coming from everything changes because mutual trust, compassion and safety have been established.

Helping animals stuck in trauma, helps you too

When you take responsibility for an animal who is stuck in trauma or learned hopelessness by staying calm, present and connected, not only do you help them to be confident in themselves to be peaceful and heal but you will release your own unresolved grief and trauma and heal too.

How Somatic Unwinding and Energy Healing deepens your relationships

By using the Trauma to Trust Somatic Unwinding Process and energy healing techniques, you in turn get in touch with your own soul purpose and deepen all your relationships – with your own body, life, other people and business. You learn to trust yourself and life itself. The wisdom teachings of the spiritual masters, our ancestors and the Earth teach us to trust as we walk the spiral path to wholeness, compassion and love. This is the ancient wisdom of shamans, the divine blueprint encoded in our lineage through our ancestors who lived well and died well in communion and inspiration through non verbal communication.

Shifting from trauma-based fear to trust and truth-telling

When our relationship shifts from trauma-based fear or shut down to trust and truth-telling, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning and deep cellular healing. As you work with your animal companion, you are working with your own nervous system s that is can remain flexible in any uncertainty.

Who is this Workshop for?

If you are a vet, work with shelter animals, are a game ranger, zoo keeper, healer, animal communicator or health practitioner, dog trainer or have rescued an animal who has trauma and trust issues. If you want to deepen your relationship with your animal companions, then the Trust Process is an invaluable methodology to use before you begin your work with any animal or person. 

To arrange a virtual or in-person group workshop for a rescue, shelter or sanctuary in your area please contact me at 

Please note that this technique should never be considered a substitute for medical treatment but may help to support it.

Upcoming Events

At present there are no upcoming events or retreats planned. 

All new workshops are offered to those who are on the Trauma to Trust Process in-person waitlist. These places fill up quickly! If you would like to attend a live group retreat, please enter your details on the waitlist below and you will be the first to know of new dates.


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My #1 Choice for any pet trauma & behaviour issues

“I have been working with Sarah-Jane for over a decade. She has taught me how the “Trauma to Trust” programme is crucial to releasing trauma for my furrbabies. Our highly strung Oriental and Peterbalds, stressed Ragdoll, anxious, traumatised Beagle, and food-aggressive, cancer-patient rescue Basset, have benefitted from this programme. We refer SJ to our kittens’ owners as our #1 choice for anything trauma or behaviour-related.”

Nicole Barratt

Creative Director & Registered Cat Breeder

Successfully assisted in the healing of my dog's leg

“Sarah-Jane Farrell is brilliant! She is an amazing energy healer, animal communicator, and Beautiful Soul! She successfully assisted in the healing of my dog’s leg, and also used some of her processes for someone I know who was in the hospital with not much hope to ever leave.

Miraculously the person went on to live.  She’s just incredible! Big Heart, Loving Person!”

Judy A.

A true, modern shaman!

Sarah-Jane is truly sincere and caring about the people or animals she works with and their progress. SJ puts herself all out and doesn’t care if the session runs longer, making sure that you received the help that you came for. She always follows up to make sure everything and everyone is OK and answers any additional questions. I worked with her on my self-healing, relationship, and my animals’ health issues and behaviors. My dog’s health is returning steadily and he became more alive and interested in everything all over. He is more alert and his physical misalignments are disappearing rapidly. I’m truly surprised to see such change. A true, modern shaman and healer. I feel so lucky to have found her!”

Oksana B.

An 'Aha' moment for a panicked Rhino

“One of our rhino females had managed to get herself onto the other side of the reserve fence and was so panicked that she would not come back into the reserve. We decided to contact Sarah-Jane to assist us in trying to get her back inside the reserve. SJ communicated to her why it was so important that she move back through the opening in the fence into the reserve, so that she could be protected. We watched her for ten minutes, she twitched her ears, lifted up her head almost like she had an “aha” moment, stomped the ground and did a 180 turn and trotted back inside the fence within a matter of minutes. It was incredible to watch; so gentle and non-threatening. SJ pickd up  micro parasites which were giving her diarrhoea which  resolved  4 days after the Bodytalk quantum healing session .”

Luke Bennett