I get asked this question a lot by kind people who often times feel guilty that they have burdened their animal companion with their unresolved trauma and

belief systems, often unknowingly taking on human issues. I go in to great depth to soul contracts inside of the Being Human Through Animals – intensive animal communications and bodywork program but for now, I want to reassure you that as well meaning as we are, through thousands of communications with animals and collectives like the Rhino, Elephants, Dolphins and lions, they have their own part to play in the evolution of humanity that are choosing extinction and death to wake us up before we kill the Earth. Others will take on our human disease or play out our incongruencies through behavioral issues to get us to realign to our soul’s calling and the negative effects of not aligning to our own Soul’s calling. So why do animals take on our human issues?


I believe we are in a crisis of imagination and that right now there has never been a better time to change for the better by addressing the consciousness of attachment through right relationships which are so complex.

The key to approaching problems where animals take on our human issues creatively is actually not to think our way through them at all, but rather to learn how to feel our way into them.

So although there is not one cut and dry solution to animals taking on our human issues,

the key is to open them up through two way dialogue to know that if that is a contract they have taken on with us, that they have the choice to change their minds. ( Running all the exit stage left systems – a hands on or off body process is one of the ways you will learn inside the Being Human animal communications program which allows the being human or animal to choose a different way of contributing that does not include, like those who choose to be portals to take on others pain, disease and liquefaction at the cost of their own health and wellness to close the portal and choose another way.) Bear in mind that like in the movie My beautiful Mind  often those highly empathic people who are often diagnosed as psychotic or multiple personality are portals will not want to do that as they fear they will lose their identity or be alone without the entities that occupy their body and this is where compassion and allowance come in.

The first step:

is always to hear, acknowledge and accept the animal’s message, thank them and then commit to makes some changes to your own life.

I have seen that the people who keep to their word and make the lifestyle changes necessary are watched earnestly by their pets over time and when they are confident that you have got it will restore their own bodies or stop the behavior that got your attention that something was amiss in the first place.

Bear in mind, this only works when the animal’s illness is directly tied to their guardian’s wellbeing and action takes place.

Examples where animals help people heal and return to trust:

There was a cat who over groomed to get the guardian to look at her own addiction problem.

And another who developed an eating problem to get their guardian to address their eating disorder.

A bird pulled out feathers in order for their guardian to empower themselves and stop cutting.

Horses are also excellent healers.

Sometimes a horse isn’t throwing their person because they have a bad back or hoof issue; they’re trying to get their human’s attention over something they are doing, thinking or avoiding.

I’ve known animals who created illness or imbalance so that their person starts to learn a healing modality and then they become a healer. Or the guardian researches their animal’s illness to then share solutions with other people for their own animals via a forum or website. The animals become the catalyst for their human to become empowered and in turn help others. Acting out is part of the mirroring that kids do as well and it is our job to recognize that something is being acted out and then we can deal with the fundamental issue by taking our eyes off the behavior and understand the psychology of the animal or child.

My own dog, Pongo, created a physical block inside his gut in order to get me to face an emotional block of my own that was causing IBS type symptoms and amplifying my old friend anxiety and depression. Over the course of a week I could see he was dying. Thankfully, I was able to understand the issue and immediately went to work on releasing it. As soon as I acted, Pongo released his physical block and recovered. He has been adopted from a family where his person has Downes syndrome so he had in his own soul contract with this little girl used his gut sensitivities to support her. I get asked often to find homes for animals in need so when I adopted Pongo he told me that even though it was uncomfortable for him to take on his person’s gut issues it was part of his Vata constitution and his soul’s path.

Often it is a relationship problem not a medical issue like depression or aggression although sometimes it is biology not mirroring and that os where discernment and animal communication can play a huge role in recovery.

Don’t know your animals primary characteristic type, take the quiz now if you want to deepen your understanding and bond with them here.

Animals will go to great lengths to help us face difficult truths, to work on ourselves, and improve our lives. Some will adopt their human’s cancer, others their kidney or liver issues or diabetes. Where people are running themselves ragged they might fall ill with a hormonal or adrenal concern. Sometimes this act of altruism is called Mirroring in animal communication.

So why do they do it?

Animals are aware of how much we love them, and in many cases how little we love ourselves. They understand that we may not go to the lengths needed to benefit ourselves but we will do something for them that in turn helps us too. Animals especially horses always show us the beauty of the lies we tell ourselves, what they mirror is that they are lies of self limitation, self harm, labels and negative thoughts we plan on ourselves that take us out of the present moment.

Animals wish us to live balanced lives. They want us to release our past and let go of our ‘story’ so that we can enjoy our life by living in the present. They try to help us in sensitive, caring, loving ways but when these don’t get us to make changes they’ll try and do something more attention grabbing.

We are so energetically bonded to our animal companions that we can also make them ill by creating a toxic environment. For instance, through lack of self-care, self-destructive living or being mean spirited. We’re affected by each others energies, consciously or unconsciously.

But is this the role of all animals?

I would say not, because, like us, other animals are at different stages of their development. I believe some animals reincarnate with a mission in mind and will come to us to fulfill a specific role or job in our life. Others come for their own evolution and learn alongside us. Often, we’re learning alongside each other at the same time.

Can we just tell them to stop?

It’s not as simple as that. Animals are on a spiritual path and may wish to help. Often there are agreements in place to reflect one another. This doesn’t mean that every animal becomes unwell because of his or her guardian. If an animal gets ill, don’t assume you are at fault. There are many reasons why an animal can become sick. E.g. Genetics, breeding, over-vaccination, diet, environment, stress, poor immunity etc.

It’s not possible to fake how we feel with an animal either. They feel our energy and can sense incongruence. I believe this is why some dogs will growl at a person who appears perfectly harmless on the surface.


What we can do

  1. Work through our own challenges – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
  2. Make positive choices and be self-aware.
  3. Communicate! Once you’ve learned how to communicate with animals, take time to talk to our animal friends. Discuss how you’re feeling, what you aim to do about changing things for the better and ask them for their help or support. Animals worry more about us when they think we’re not aware of how out of balance we’ve become. Assure them that you want to keep them healthy and ask them not to take on your issues while you work through them.


  • Animals can often express underlying emotions that are suppressed in their person.
  • Some animals take on illness before it manifests in their human’s body, including cancer.
  • Animals heal us by drawing away energies of illness and then process it in their own bodies.
  • We attract animals to us in order to help each other through past trauma and present problems.
  • Animals have their own spiritual paths and are able to make their own choices.
  • Animals incarnate with certain goals to accomplish, often helping people to learn, wake up and reach their destiny.
  • It is often through nurturing our animals, researching their illness and healing modalities, that we also care for an aspect of ourselves.

Share Your Experiences
If you have experience of your animals helping you and mirroring, please share your story on my Facebook page.

I’m sure there are dogs, cats, horses, and even ants, hornets,sheep, squirrels, rabbits and hamsters and many other creatures who’ve crossed your path at some point or another when you asked for guidance and support or even animals in spirit who have helped lead you towards an authentic balanced life.That is the gift of all of nature to support you in accessing your True Divine Nature.

It’s a precious gift that deserves great ceremony and reverance. I hope you choose to receive it all and paws for change – to a world where all life is treated with regard and above all love and compassion.

If you feel nudged to have more personal support for yourself and your beloved animals, you know where to reach me. All you have to do is ask and I will meet you there!

Don’t forget to join me in May where I will be speaking more to this and how animals as guides show us how to live from trust with Judy Anderson on the Jazz Up your Life with Judy online summit which has already begun here.