Healing yourself, being your own medicine is the best gift you can give to your pets


By now you know that April is all about OUT creation which starts with resolving trauma at the root level at which it was created. I spoke to a Shamanic view point of how it is our True Nature to be our own medicine and educate yourself to know how high your ACES are as a starting point for Soul retrieval.Our animal friends come into our lives with their own soul contracts with us and to help us be the best we can in our own true nature – that’s their medicine. i speak more about that here.

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That not all PTSD results in Soul loss but how all Soul loss results in some version of PTSD.
The idea that everything is medicine, and that you can BE your own medicine ( something I am on a missions as a grief doula and root trauma remover to gift to you), is that when we get curious about what our bodies are trying to communicate to us, we can transcend all of these out dated beliefs and patriarchal traditions.

Instead of perceiving our bodies as biochemical machines void of consciousness which break down when the parts get broken, we can choose to perceive our bodies as consciousness embodied, equipped with natural self-healing mechanisms, which only function when the nervous system is in the parasympathetic state, or what Herbert Benson at Harvard called the “relaxation response.”

With a relaxed nervous system, free of our culture’s disease-causing perpetual “fight or flight” stress responses, we can get curious about why disease has arisen.
Listen to the webinar I offered last week on What is PTSD and Soul Loss and how to heal yourself completely here.

What traumas may have deactivated the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms?
Where are you living out of alignment with your truth?
How is the soul growing here?
What is your body saying “No” to?
What would it take to live a life your body would love?
What does your body need to feel in order to heal?

Through the lens of “everything is medicine,” physical symptoms may even be perceived as a gift,
a message from the Universe that helps you get back on track and into the TRUST process – because without TRUST in yourself, in life, in others, in God/Divine?universe we have no sense of TRUE belonging.

This isn’t to say that you caused your illness or that all illness has psycho-spiritual roots.
Some traumas to the system are external, like when you live next to a toxic waste dump or are filling your body with toxic food or poisoning substances. When we are aware however that our animals ill take on our unresolved wounds and change their behaviors in any way necessary to get our attention then we can be our own medicine and be the medicine our animal companions most need from us.

But this opens a portal of compassionate, gentle inquiry that allows your physical illnesses and accidents to become messages from your soul. If disease or pain is here with a message for you, are you receiving the message?

I hope you join myself and Dave Gettings,on his summit Thrive After the Storm.

He who lost his son in the war and created life threatening lymphoma – a cancer that nearly killed him because he had no way to digest the tragedy of his son’s death until he chose to listen to his body and make his son’s life into a legacy of healing others heal from personal grief and loss. I spoke from the death of my business, my marriage, my life, my fame and fortune that almost killed me until I trusted that I would get through it stronger and braver and in deep appreciation for the gift in the unspeakable.

Everything that has ever happened to you and will ever occur around you, can be seen through one of two lenses: medicine or poison. It’s totally your choice, but your mindset will determine which choice you make. It’s in keeping with an ancient observation by the Greek philosopher Epictetus,

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”

There is an overall approach to healing disease in the jungle that I think might interest you.
Many tribes in the Upper Amazon basin consider diseases the bot “mothers.”
When someone falls ill and begins to undergo their healing journey, it is believed by the shamans that the spirit of that disease, or mother, has become pregnant with this individual.
During this gestation period, the mother has much to teach through her effects on the body and mind: the physical weakness, the pain, the need to rely on others, to trust in others, to let go of our hold on what we expected this life to look like, to confront our own mortality. These opportunities for surrender and humility are all packaged perfectly within a serious disease and presented as a lesson for the soul.

The shamans teach that if we humans can walk with the disease mother, with eyes wide-open, and learn the hidden lessons she has to offer, we will be reborn from her womb as a healthy, more spiritually harmonious being, taking with us the boatload of wisdom gleaned from the experience.

Those who close up and resist the disease, shutting themselves off from the experience, may very well be reborn, but onto a different plan of existence—the next life. Every challenge in life can be looked at in this way. Either medicine (mother) or poison . . .

The shamanic lens for examining and overcoming illness can also be applied to any challenge that we encounter as we walk through this life. Medicine folk approach everything that life brings them with full openness to the wisdom it holds. Like our immune systems, our souls and psyches become stronger and more adaptable through exposure to external attack. In this way, shamans and their pupils are constantly strengthening and stretching the inner muscles of awareness, unflinchingly witnessing all that unfolds in order to learn and evolve.

What challenge in your life, illness or otherwise, is tugging at your sleeve, asking to be re-examined as a catalyst for your spiritual growth?

This is how I choose to approach my life.
One step at a time, appreciating the gift of the one degree shifts towards creating better – for me, for my beloveds, for those I am here to serve and for the greater consciousness of all to return to trust and the wholeness of our connectedness in True belonging.

I chose now to see every disease, every hardship, every loss as another step in my rite of passage, as an initiation of sorts to my being fully humane in my humaness.

I don’t buy into the “I create my whole reality” story, which would make me responsible for everything that happens to me. I can’t believe life is as ego-centric as that.
(What makes me think I control the whole universe when there are so many other forces of life and nature out there!)

I also don’t believe we’re solely at the mercy of chance. I believe we participate in the co-creation process, that we can cast our vote, that we can be curious about how we might be blocking an outcome we desire with our limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior or how we might be exercising our worldly and spiritual power to “manifest” what our hearts yearn for. I appreciate the “Everything is medicine” worldview, because it neither blames the victim or suggests that we can control the outcome, nor does it suggest that we are vulnerable feathers tossed around in a meaningless world full of traumas we can’t avoid.

If “Everything is medicine, and you are your own medicine,”

the primary focus is on how we respond to what life puts in our path, trusting that what arises is here as a lesson. If we can glean the lessons, perhaps we can change the outcome.

Perhaps the disease can disappear because the lesson has been learned.
Or perhaps the lesson requires humbling ourselves and adjusting to a new way of being in the face of chronic disability or illness. I don’t know why some people get cured and some don’t.

That question is what drives me to be better, to keep showing up in trust, in faith and with the grace to know what I don’t know and ask for help when I am being bashed against the rocks in the eye of the storm.

I am forever grateful for my animal teachers, the spirit guides, my ancestors who lived well and ddid not always die well so that I may walk my path. I am in deep appreciation to the indigenous healers and the masters of the ancient healing traditions who still carry the seeds of transformation so many of us have forgotten.

May we humble ourselves before their great wisdom.
And may the Universe have it’s way with me to be my own medicine and you, yours.
Together may we offer ourselves up to the lessons and receive the gifts of the pain and the pleasures.

May we TRUST the process.
Dance in the shadows and the contrast of being everything and no-thing.
May we drink up the medicine of love and all the blessings that connect us together
in the spirit of True Belong, in our True divine nature.

Much love


PS: I have always been the dark horse, the weird one that never fit. When i finally saw the gift in my adversity and stopped trying to be like everyone else , that I wasn’t supposed to model my work after anyone – that it’s not just part of my job here on the planet to do things the way I’m guided to do them but my responsibility to show up and serve my way- and to feel safe and comfortable doing that – everything changed for me.

When I realised that about myself, one moment, one lesson, one hurt at time, it didn’t  necessarily make things easier, but it did put my mission, vision and purpose into perspective.

No matter what, after over 5 decades I finally gave thanks and owned that I am as unique in my abilities, capacities and talents as you are. That we are all uniquely different because that is how we create a better world – by weaving our difference into a beautiful tapestry of love and true belonging.

My work has touched thousands of lives whether that was in the creation of a one of kind mahogany dining table where memories continue to be made or through my Mindfulness Change or Animal communication sessions, not because I was trying to fit in, be like anyone else, or duck the spot light – it happened because I am embracing who I am and sharing my gifts with others.

As a manifesto generator, one of my lessons I am learning is to wait before I respond. I am excited to finally be able to invite you to learn The Trust Process because you are asking for it. I have kept it to myself for so long and only shared this with my private clients up until now.

Want to join me for this in-person one day TRUST Process workshop?
You can!

I’ve even had people come back to take it again and again – and then go on to learn my Being Human through Animals – animal communication intensive home study program, because like me, its not the “same old same old” run of the mill model that everyone else is regurgitating, but because it’s unique to me, refreshingly different in its vibrational frequency and they had such a good time (and it really just IS a good time together!).

Is there some way that you’re not being the full you?
Is there some way that you’re looking to follow someone else’s lead?

No one can lead you to your purpose or passion – only you can.
I can walk by your side and be your fierce medicine guide to mapping out your brilliant future
And when you embrace that, awesome things really do happen.
You know where I am when you are ready to answer the call just email me to set up a confusion to clarity discovery call.