Help, my pet is having seizures, now what?

Epilepsy and seizure disorders appear to be on the increase in both people and animals.

Nobody is sure why but the consensus is the ever polluted air, rivers and food where the immune system just cannot cope with the millions of environmental toxins we inhale, invest and absorb through the skin.

Add to that the over vaccination, processed diets, genetic pre dispositions and we have a concerning increase in seizures and epilepsy not to mention autism in children.

Often times I see people who have tried the western medication route with their children or animals with little or lasting change in the severity and amount of seizures.

Ideally we aways want to look at optimal health through prevention rather than cure through a wholistic protocol of lifestyle changes that include real live species appropriate diets, clean living non chlorinated water and of course supplementation to support health brain function.
The wisdom of the body is an extremely complex system that translates and integrates multiple languages, including the language of the physical energy, emotions, feelings, felt- sense, and intuition. We gain access to huge amounts of information when we are able to communicate with our energy body internally and of course that of our animal companions which is where you can use my services or take the Being Human Through Animals – Complete Homestudy to learn animal communications yourself.

Our greatest hurdle to communicating clearly with our energy body is understanding that we all have emotions and so do our pets.

If you have been part of my tribe for some time, you know that I take a very holistic, functional approach to medicine starting by getting to the root cause of what created the symptoms of disease in the first place and then through bio energetic feedback from the body mind, I create a personal, individual prescription to get you and your pets back to optimal health and wellness.

As I am specifically speaking today about seizures and epilepsy, that can in very simplistic terms, look like a dosha appropriated diet to resolve any inflammation in the brain or gut who communicate through a good vagal tone ( the vagus nerve is the wandering nerve that is constantly sending information to and from the gut brain to the head brain to keep all system optimal.)
Running hands on body processes like CIRCUITRY  which you as the guardian would run very easily over the brain, head, adrenals and liver or any other specific body parts, organs or endocrines that show up in the session as a priority. I would after doing an intuitive body scan where I deep dive into the body from the inside – think sci fi mini robotic camera scoping through the body looking for any irregularities, adhesions, meridian or chakra blockages or mis communications cell to cell.

Then I would muscle test and ask your body or your pet directly through a two way dialogue what has been working and not working as far as supplements, diet or environmental stressors. The beauty of asking the animal directly is that is cuts out any exploratory and often invasive and costly testing that comes up as inconclusive. It is also a great way to take information to your vet, should that come up as necessary to help your loved one recover.

In fact there is nothing that I suggest that I don’t muscle test and ask the body directly. It also goes without saying that I am not a vet, so I do not diagnose or prescribe. I can only guide you to make more informed choices that are in the best interest of your pets health and longevity and that in itself is often a relief for animal lovers who know their animals better than anyone.

So what are the alternatives available for your dog or cat or horse that is lacking a good quality of life because of frequent seizures?

My mom’s dear miniature apricot poodle Marcel used to have seizures  since he was a puppy and I only wish I had known then what I know now to help him and also reduce my Moms stress over his well-being which of course the animal picks up on and makes the whole situation even more upsetting and stressful for everyone.

For most cats or dogs, epilepsy is a lifelong disease requiring a regimented routine of care and treatment as prescribed by your veterinarian. A canine or feline seizure is almost always the result of abnormal electrical impulses in the brain which lead to sudden but short-term disturbances in your dog’s or cat’s behavior and physical movements.

I had a very upsetting time with one of my siamese cats Mae Ling who in her short little life (I believe was from over breeding or neural damage to her brain during her birth) had daily seizures. She sadly died of a heart attack during a seizure which also made her blind and of course terrified of everything because she could not see. I managed to reduce her seizures from 10-15 a day ( thank goodness I worked from home and was with her all the time to be able to hold her close and run the Trust process on her and would give her a micro dose of GreenPet CBD oil morning and night which brought the seizures down to around 3-4 on a good day. It broke my heart to see her in so much distress but I do believe she had as good a quality life I could give her before she passed at just 6 months of age.

According to my go to homeopathic vets Dr. Eckersley and Dr Jones, dogs with idiopathic epilepsy typically have their first seizures between the ages of 6 months to 6 years. Though idiopathic epilepsy can occur in any breed, it is considered an inheritable disease in many breeds and in some breeds a genetic basis has been identified. Therefore, dogs diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy should not be used for breeding.

Commonly affected dogs breeds include:

Labrador retrievers
Golden retrievers
German shepherds
Irish setters
Cocker spaniels

Pure breeds seem to present more with seizures than the local garden varieties.

Prolonged seizures lasting more than 5 minutes or two or more consecutive seizures without full recovery are referred to as status epilepticus. This is a true emergency and you should seek immediate veterinary care for you pet. Two or more seizures in 24 hours are referred to as cluster seizures and are an indication for beginning anti-seizure medication.

It may be difficult to watch your pet have a seizure but most are of short duration and cause no permanent harm. Avoid being bitten by keeping your hands away from your pet’s mouth during a seizure. If it can be done safely, provide padding and move your pet away from stairs to prevent injury.


Unfortunately to date, epilepsy cannot be cured, but it can usually be controlled with anticonvulsant drugs. If your veterinarian determines that your dog or cat’s epilepsy is idiopathic, one or more of the following medications may be prescribed:

Phenobarbital helps reduce the frequency of your dog’s seizures and is the most prescribed medication for dogs with idiopathic epilepsy. It is generally a well-tolerated drug.
Potassium bromide is another seizure medication that may be added to your pet’s treatment, if she does not respond well to phenobarbital alone.

Green Pet CBD ( Cannabidiol) as an alternative treatment

For pets suffering from seizures, the use of Cannabidiol has been shown to be an effective, non-toxic form of treatment. Statistically speaking, a survey conducted by AHVMA that relied on pet-owner testimonials reported that between 61.8% and 95% of pet owners endorsed the benefits of treat products laced with CBD. According to another study titled, “Pharmacokinetics of cannabidiol in dogs,” researchers concluded that CBD has properties that can prevent convulsant and epileptic symptoms.

Despite the studies and testimonials that are surrounding this drug, it perhaps comes as no surprise that the use of CBD to treat pet health issues is being met with skepticism and concern. However, some of these concerns can perhaps be refuted when taking a closer look at the drug and where it comes from.

Though coming from the cannabis plant, CBD is the non-psychotropic hemp cultivar that is high in fiber and CBD, and low in THC. The latter (THC) actually has the potential to be harmful for pets. According to an article posted by Hawthorne Vet, the use of THC can bind to highly responsive receptors in a pet’s brain, leading to “static ataxia,” or behaviors that include the animal drooling, urinating excessively, and/or disorientation. Furthermore, if your pet is administered a product or drug that contains too much THC, there exists a risk for toxicity. Therefore, when considering the use of this drug on pets for health issues, it is important to avoid the use of THC and rather look for a product that contains only CBD, derived from hemp.

When opting to utilize Cannabidiol to treat your pet’s seizures, it is important to start with the lowest dose possible and only then gradually increase the dosage, if necessary. Calculating the starting dose for your pet involves taking your pet’s weight in kilograms, determining the concentration of the CBD-product being used, and dividing the dosage across multiple administrations throughout the day.


First there are no published doses- CSU is currently performing a trial for CBD and canine or feline epilepsy but with a very pro active client base on our products we are constantly tweaking and improving our dosage guides along with individual muscle testing each individual as each body metabolises differently.

In general starting doses of CBD for pain, arthritis is 1mg/10lbs of body weight once to twice daily. I started my last dog Pongo on this dose to provided symptomatic pain relief for liver cancer. I eventually increased his dose to 2mg/10lbs twice daily and he responded extremely well until he peacefully passed away in his sleep. I know that through the bodywork and energy healing I ran on him daily, a good Kapha type based cooked and raw food diet and the Grrenpet CBD raw oil we prolonged his life by 1 and a bit years and he was a happy, very loved dog until his passing. Since then with the producers of GreenPet and Greenhealth CBD products for people we have developed a cancer protocol for the 4 stages of cancer that has been getting phenomenal results all round.

Doses used for Epilepsy in People.

Again with my ability to muscle test, I am able to accurately get the exact dose required for my clients along with their prescription for health.

‘Could Cannabidiol be a Treatment Option for Intractable Childhood and Adolescent Epilepsy?’


In most studies, trial doses of CBD were 2–5 mg/kg/day. Several such studies have shown that CBD does have efficacy for treatment of epilepsy. Reported adverse effects of CBD were mostly mild, including drowsiness, diarrhea, and decreased appetite.

So IF we were to extrapolate this to dogs, cats and horses, then we would be looking at a dose of
2mg/kg/day at the low end or 10mg/10lbs daily.

SO what can you do and start at what dose?

1. Talk to your vet – your dog needs to stay on current ant-seizure meds and slowly wean off.

2. I would start for the 1st week on the low dose of 1mg/10lbs/day then increase to twice a day by the end of the week

3. Then it’s a matter of lowering the conventional meds, and seeing if the seizures are controlled.

4. It may mean getting up to the higher doses of 2-5mg/kg

5. Avoid the THC- preferably whole plant CBD with virtually No THC ( ie 1% or less)

If you would like more information on Greenhealth CBD product range please contact me directly or book an in clinic or online Holistic Pet session here. Included in your session where we will plan out exactly what food, supplements and lifestyle changes your beloved pet needs you also receive an electronic copy of my book Paws for Raw – A complete Guide to Bone and raw food diet. Includes a symptom specific to Bach Flower Essences directory as well as recipes.

I hope you found this informative and helpful.
Please let me know what other concerns or information you would like me to gove you to keep your animal friends vital, happy and healthy.

Much love
and tears if gratitude for loving your beloved animal friends.


PS: You may want to watch this video on 10 benefits of using CBD oil on this vlog too.


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By using the Trust Process we get in touch with our hearts compassionately and patiently by being present with what is moment by moment. This life transformational process builds a core bond of trust and confidence that deepens inter relationships in animals and people. This is the ancient wisdom of shamans, which can then develop and extend to all areas of life.

When our relationship shifts from trauma based fear or shut down to trust and truth telling, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning and deep cellular healing.

When the human mind changes to accommodate the opinions of animals a state of gratitude and co-operation can be shared.