I help animals and people take a leap of trust so that they can make sense of challenging situations like grief, betrayal and loss. 

Trust is the one thing that changes everything.

Without trust in ourselves we are lost in the storm

we have no peace of mind 

you are the lighthouse

You can’t trust the government 

You can’t trust the market 

You can’t trust politics 

You can’t trust the media.

But, can you trust YOU? 

When we focus on finding trust in the outside world without first checking in with what is true and right for us we will most surely find, most of the times, something to judge and / or something to be afraid of 

Relieving pain, like building trust, is an inside job. 

It is only when you have been broken down mentally,

 emotionally, or spiritually and choose to stand up 

and keep moving that you can know the true 

meaning and value of trust.

Stop putting your trust in the things you think will cause you pain, stop believing that you will lose something and trust yourself to move through daily challenges and difficult times because you have resilience and there is something greater here for you

You have made it through things you thought you could not before and you will come through this stronger and wiser because of it.

How do you trust and hold yourself within yourself?

 – by trusting and owning your own healthy self esteem, that you are a trust worthy, compassionate, healthy, forgiving ,loving generous person.

only you know when you have been kind to self and others

that you are impeccable with your words to others and to yourself

value who you are moment by moment

nobody can tell you to trust yourself

only you get to do that

by believing in yourself

and growing in your trust of yourself and your process.

Trust you are divinely guided

have faith in a higher source, God, the Universe 

look within not to what is convenient to your ego

your spirit cares about alignment to trust that life works 

for you and in trusting you work for life

there is a plan greater than the limitations of your mind

You are energy in motion – you are loved and supported

Life is a process to grow you into your greatest potential – trust you are enough

Without trust in oneself we find ourselves blocking and postponing our own mission and path and this we end up sabotaging relationships, businesses, and delaying the bliss and joy we came here to live in our lifepastedGraphic.png

and yet the one question my clients ask me underneath their fear of loss of a loved one, of community, of money

is a deep longing to trust that they are taken care of, 

that everything is happening for you

that there is nothing to lose.

So much of the grief and suffering around our lack of faith and trust in our abilities happens because we think that it will never end. cc

to return to trust we have to sit with pain not run from it..

It must be felt, its not something we can change from the mind.

Our lack of trust is creating the confusion and isolation, lack of faith and a blatant disregard for the divine process of life is what causes

people to act against their true nature.

Never in the history of humanity have we been so far from human kindness so disconnected from

trusting ourselves

trusting our body’s innate ability to heal

trusting our spirituality

trusting our faith in other people

trusting our own intuition

trusting our feelings to guide us back to our personal power and authentic truth

I believe we have reached a tipping point in our humanity where people are literally dying to trust again, to return to loving herds and to trust others take care of you and you them.

Animals and nature are constantly reminding us that Each person represents a microcosm of the world in which we live—where anger and fear,

Our separation from the nature, from the animals, from our hearts, is literally killing the planet

We have become so disconnected from our true nature that we are living from our heads not our hearts

addicted to fear and lack and being alone

we have lost faith in our ability to

return to our hearts and trust 


and we just have to turn on the news

or scroll Facebook to see 

how much trauma, cruelty, destruction of natural resources and the pain inflicted on people and 

We are bombarded constantly by information

that keeps us in fear and insecurity about the future

and our own experiences and stories of why we cannot



other people


financial systems


when everything falls away, when people, animals and things leave you, one tiny piece at a time over time

 the one thing you can trust is you have got you, you were born into this world trusting in your happiness and even if you feel you have lost yourself completely, in your heart, you can trust  that you can never lose yourself 

Join me and explore the joy of inspiration through communication and trusted co-operation.

 Interested in hosting a 2 day Trust Process workshop in your area, send me an email and let’s spread this life transformation process around the world so we can come back into compassion and mindful regard with all life.

By using the Trust Process we get in touch with our hearts compassionately and patiently by being present with what is moment by moment. This life transformational process builds a core bond of trust and confidence that deepens inter relationships in animals and people. This is the ancient wisdom of shamans, which can then develop and extend to all areas of life.

When our relationship shifts from trauma based fear or shut down to trust and truth telling, over-reactions are replaced with instinctual learning and deep cellular healing.

When the human mind changes to accommodate the opinions of animals a state of gratitude and co-operation can be shared.