I used to only give CBD oil to my clients, their animals and my own for chronic conditions.

Did you know that CBD is found naturally in mother’s milk?

There are a lot of important nutrients in mother’s milk, such as colostrum, transfer factors and CBD … all of which help develop a strong, balanced immune system.

In this video you will learn why whole plant CBD oil is so beneficial to healthy bodies i.e. maintenance/ supplementing with CBD oil will keep immune systems strong and healthy. I used to believe that CBD was only for health issues, used for things like: Shrinking tumors Managing seizures and epilepsy Relieving pain Repairing joints But interesting research shows CBD can also be used daily to prevent disease …

CBD plays an important role in stopping the buildup of free radicals, which are the precursor for most disease and premature aging.


It also decreases the other common cause of cancer and other disease: chronic inflammation. For more information on how to use or where to buy pure nature as medicine in CBD oil contact me or check out our store www.sarahjanefarrell.com We ship worldwide only the purest sun grown, O2 extrusion hemp products including specific prescription Cancer formulas for people and pets. If you would like to join kind people and their animals come on over to https://www.facebook.com/sjfarrellani…

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