If you are currently feeling lethargic, hot, sweaty and don’t know what to do with yourself, imagine how your cats and dogs who cannot take their fur coats off are feeling?

Most cats get their moisture to stay hydrated from their “prey” so when the weather gets too hot, be extra aware of heatstroke and if you are concerned get to the vet fast or give them some sub cutaneous fluids fast.

In this video I share 7 of my simple ways to help keep your cats comfortable when the temperatures soar.

Who doesn’t want a cool, happy cat?

1. Ice to keep cool as a cucumber  ( have you seen those funny videos where cats jump with fright at cucumbers? So funny 🙂

2. Keep the curtains closed and the sun out

3.  Do not disturb – let sleeping cat’s lie

4. Provide Fans at various angles

5. Ice pack in a towel

6. Hang from a hammock and get the air circulating from all directions

6. Damp soil and grassy beds

7.  An English mini bath

So, now I want to hear from you. What out of the box ways have you or your cat come up with to keep your cool??

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