How do you keep your tender heart open amidst so much collective trauma and grief?

Firstly thank you to those of you who let me know how much last week’s love missive resonated with you about feeling disoriented and shook up by the onslaught of “dark news” that is constantly bombarding all our fragile nervous systems. I am happy that I can be useful in sharing some simple ways to help you to navigate the mental intensity and tend to your physical body. The battle so to speak between the light and the dark is going to continue to amplify for many years to come, so the more you consciously choose to work with Chiron and the wounded healer archetype, and change your internal state of chaos the less you will be affected. If you can keep coming back to your center and welcome challenges as an opportunity to grow, the more capacity you will have within your nervous system to transmute fear into excitement. Instead of getting “infected” by the emotional dissonance in the collective trauma field, keep your heart open and use your felt sense to engage empathy and loving-kindness with others. This is how we will heal the great separation sickness – this is how we heal our collective trauma wounds. When we let our hearts bleed, we cleanse, clear, and purify the psychic viruses out of our systems – we become the empty vessel/yin to contain the influx of new lightwave particles/yang available to us.

I have heard from many of you that you have been very emotional this week and I have been too. Just know that this is in the collective field of consciousness right now where we are releasing a lot of collective trauma wounds through a compassion vortex. If you are an hsp or empath your heart chakra is being opened wide right now in your active participation to receive the love and not react so that you can transmute the dense global weather. It is the ongoing invitation to stay open and feel what needs to be felt so you can contribute to the purging of the heavy, low vibrations and release the old programming. You can shift very quickly when you let go of your attachment to what you think it needs to look like or how you think it should be. I know it’s tough but if you can receive this as a big heart-opening experience, just let the pain touch you and then send that compassion and empathy back out with consciousness attached, you are contributing to the light.

It may not look like anything is changing for the better but it is. We are coming back to our hearts together to co-create a sustainable future. With the full moon on Sunday heightening your emotional state, even more, take some much-needed time out to slow down and ask “What would love do here?” Bring kind eyes and compassion to the frightened aspects of your inner child and stay present, patient and loving. It is part of our what makes us human to pendulate from hyperarousal, doubt and fear about things we have no control over to moments of peace, calm and allowance for what is.

One thing we know about coping with anxiety is that it very much can help to reengage the thinking part of the brain to calm the animal part that just wants to fight or flee or freeze. But beyond that, use your spiritual practices to get clear on what you long for and you will deepen your resolve to belonging – to yourself, to others, to Spirit and to the sources of meaning and strength that sustain you.

If like me you have found yourself feeling very upset about the state of the world, unable to sleep at night because of anxious worry then you may want to book a medical intuitive session or muscle test yourself to see if you are low in serotonin, the precursor to dopamine. I love individual amino acids like 5HTP, Gaba and Tryptophan to support the body when we are going through particularly challenging times and as the body makes amino acids naturally there are no harmful side effects like SSRIs and other drugs. These 30-minute laser sessions are very helpful because I laser focus on exactly what your body needs NOW to optimize function. Most times just adding one amino acid at the correct dosage or making one lifestyle change brings instant relief. The nervous system can calm down and the body can then focus on healing itself. So if you or your children (teenage suicide and social anxiety are on the rise and early intervention can be life-saving) are having a particularly difficult time right now where you are suffering from negativity, phobias, low self-esteem, stiff muscles, insomnia, and anxiety please know you are not alone and support is just a click awayThese $100 investment laser sessions are to create your own individual prescription to balance and optimize your body-mind systems. I will do an energetic body scan to check your body chemistry specifics aka see where you are either deficient or overproducing and then give you your daily dose.We need you and what only you have to give to the world now, not later. Healing at the level of the nervous system takes time and this is one way you can prime the bodymind so that you can do the deepwork without self sabotaging your efforts.

You cannot give when you are feeling depleted or tap into your joy to do what you came here to be and lets face it, none of us have been able to pause individually, much less communually, to metabolse the many forms of loss and disruption and learning that 2020 set in motion. The virus is not done with us, the real and perceived danger, uncertainty and pain on the global stage is going to continue to deepen our ecological grief and we have to find a way to carry that alongside our optimism and joy for a better, sustainable future and belonging to all of it.

We are capable of so much more when we drop the barriers we have built around our hearts and find ways to replenish our missing for each other and it begins with self-love.When we break down the heart walls and let our hearts bleed, we can be heart broken and heart led and remember our humanity. Love is all there is. Take time to reframe any conclusionary realities that limit your perspectives of doom, gloom and unnecessary suffering into what you do want. Challenge yourself to look at the lies you have been telling yourself and ask is this true? Put the I AM into impossible and make small, daily holy shifts.

 May you release any old patterns and programs that no longer serve you, may you reset your nervous system and call in the alchemical healing energies of love.May you be heart led in taking practical steps to realise your dreams and visions as the master builder and architect –  22.May you stay true to your heart.

I love you


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