Blessed Earth day to you as how you live as a steward to the Earth in every action you take, every intention you make and every word you spell into being for a new living Earth.

This is my 4th attempt at sending this love missive out to you and a few hours of “losing” what I wrote into the cyber ethers…. so as the Schumann’s resonance and more light streams onto the planet and as we try to recallibrate and reorganise from our cells to our toes an expanded heart coherence, I shall trust that the energies are shifting so fast that what I sent to you has already been intuitively received and is now not relevant.

Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.  ~ Albert Einstein


I feel guided to be gentle on myself right now as I feel awash with grief for a dying planet, of animals being wiped out in mass extinction, suffering in shelters, abused and killed in awful ways for humans to feed off and also to you by gifting you the replay of the Earth day transmission I gifted last night in honor of you as a miracle healer and active pariticpant in creating this new earth template here.

Please share this if it resonates with others from a space of generosity, love and collaboration over competition if it resonates with you.I spoke about how we take aligned action consistently as global citizens in ensuring that our home Earth is treated with regard and fierce protective love through our voices and our personal power to make huge changes to stop the mass extinction of sentient beings and the loss of habitat and the pollution that is killing the earth and the oceans and the air we all depend on to live.

I don’t know about you but I have been finding myself knocked off my centre, reeling in the grief and sadness and collective fear which is so exhausting. I have also been surrounded at times of insomnia, where I am between worlds, by alien beings supporting me in as much as my nervous system feels unable to handle as my mind as much as my emotions are going through profound shock. That at times I am very open, intuitive, listening, feeling and functional hyper task based and focused, feelings of excitement and peace…..

and at other time shock and grief about the past as we adjust and prepare for where we go next in the future where I forget that we are already shedding in the now so we can connect to a sustainable future. When the calm shifts to a state of chaos I have been in surrender to the freeze states where I am clearly not able to be anything to anyone and that this too shall pass and I come back out of the shock and trauma systems.Listen to this love medicine on how to let things die here.

I have moments where I can recognise that I am very closed – that I am also connected as an intuitive HSP to the collective gravities and massive waves of change, where no thing seems to matter and I am underwhelmed, unproductive and unbelieving as to where I find myself in my life, my business and my relationships. I think a lot of it comes from my trauma response ad disorganised attachment style where I am doing my utmost to go at my body’s pace and surrender to doing the best  can moment to moment.

It has been helpful to surrender to the rhythm as much as I can as much as my responsibilites and my bodymind allows me too.

By using some of these powerful tools I have shared before as and when possible I have been able to stay present more than not because I know when my trauma patterns have been activated. Here are some reminders to help you to stay out of a should place of hyper production to try and process all the fight/flight adrenaline and root deeply into your Soul, your already ascended self who knows you are going to be ok:

  • Tap out and balance both sides of your brain and your kids/pets – Cortices from Bodytalk is great for shock
  • Vagal tone exercises like these
  • Turning off worry and accessing your intuition and trust by using this powerful meridian accupressure point
  • Somatic breath work even for a minute like this one and the 20 plus more guided somatic breath works available here for 50% off for these crazy time when you really need it and I don’t want money to STOP you from receiving
  • Meditation like this one to meet you wise ascended self in the future and making the imaginal real
  • Turn the sides of your mouth up into a smile and let the seratonin increase 🙂
  • Put on music that matches your emotions and then move your body in ecstatic dance
  • Orient yourself to your environment like this and know right now in this moment you are okay

We are a part of an intricate web of physical relations which are, at the same time, moral relations,But being in relationship with the world requires us to recognize a kind of constant and inexorable loss, whether because of climate change or mass extinction or gentrification. Many people shy away from it. Our difficulty in looking at what we’re doing to our world stems not from callous indifference or ignorance so much as it stems from fear of pain,

But what might come of turning toward this grief, of staying curious about it? If we can be fearless, to be with our pain, it turns … to reveal its other face, and the other face of our pain for the world is our love for the world, our absolutely inseparable connectedness with all life. For some of you this connection and love for the world is a call to act in its interest. The other side of that love and loss is that empathy rooted in action, I think it’s about making commitments to do the real work, the hard work, because ultimately that’s where I have found the most joy.Listen to the Earth day transmission here on how to step up and play your part.

This year, on Earth Day, exploring our connection to the natural world may require us to turn toward grief. But doing so will also allow us to look past it, with renewed focus on all that’s left to act upon.

As my soul sister Nanice Ellis shares:-

Our Planet is on the Verge of Evolution. All events occur on multiple levels of reality….and there is always a Higher Plan! 

So, even as the pandemic results in challenges.. it is also breaking down old, antiquated paradigms, uncovering hidden issues and uniting the world in unprecedented ways. And despite all the chaos, this is what it looks like when a planet evolves into the 4th Density!
How we respond collectively is pivotal.  We’re actually the ones making history, and therefore, what we do now, matters more than ever before! Even as we focus on retaining health, it’s important to remember that our current issues are due to planetary evolution. 

As our planet is evolving into the 4th Density, the human race needs to become a vibrational match for the 4th Density, or we won’t be able to call Earth our home. if we want our planet to thrive, we need to take our power back from monopolies, and we need to take responsibility for planetary resources.

Since we are all connected through a complex network, what we choose individually affects the whole. So to raise the collective consciousness, we must be ready and willing to address and heal any and all issues that suppress consciousness. Even though this may feel like an incredibly difficult time to deal with our issues… our “stuff” is being triggered and brought to the surface in order to heal.

As part of a higher plan, the entire world is on pause, forcing us to shift our beliefs and behaviors so that we can evolve into 4D versions of ourselves – and this is the whole point…releasing limiting beliefs and ego-based behaviors that fall within the 3D frequency that we’ve been accustomed to. And purging issues related to unworthiness and victimhood… We can take full responsibility for our lives and we must also learn to follow our own inner voices. We can choose love over fear on a consistent basis, we must learn to choose compassion over judgment and the need to be right.

The pandemic gives us plenty of time and space for: •  Nurturing patience and understanding • Offering compassion and forgiveness  •  Practicing kindness towards others • Listening to intuition  • Expressing creativity and innovation  • Learning how to collaborate and cooperate harmoniously • Making peace with being alone while living in the moment!

As we begin to align with the 4th Density, many of our dormant senses will activate increased intuition and empathy, that support the entire planet; ensuring clean water, nutritious food and safe living conditions for all.

Paradigms are already Changing! … scientific communities have always operated in a competitive and secretive manner with layers of red tape. Suddenly, scientists and researchers around the world are collaborating.

This virus is pushing us to embrace new paradigms on a global scale, and while we’re learning how to innovate solutions through collaboration and cooperation, we’re being guided on the path towards planetary evolution!

The Greatest Show on Earth!

We are all witnessing the greatest event ever experienced on Earth….and we’re full-on participants! While appearances can be deceptive! . . . just imagine walking into a room where a mother is about to give birth. If you didn’t know what was happening, the blood and screams might make you think that you were witnessing a death….not it’s not… it’s a birth!

In many ways, the evolution of humanity is much like childbirth, it can be painful. Mother Earth is about to give birth to billions of awakening souls, and although things could get even messier before the dust settles, this is simply what it looks like when a species evolves!

So in honor of you and the gift you be to me, to your tribe and the Earth I have a few private 30-60 minute Lifeline sessions left to take any time between now and mid May for only $77.

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Happy earth day as part of the earth,

I honor you

I love you

I thank you for YOU and who you be in the world


Always your fierce love warrior and  cohort in healthy co regulation



PS: Join me, share this with others, please we can go so much further together than apart when we heal our own shadow parts and attachment wounds and become more resilient because of how we protected and defended ourselves as children……

In the next love missives, lets nudge the should of’s, the shame and guilt gently into the arms of our wise, secure adult selves and know we are connected to something greater than we could ever imagine possible.