Wow July, mid way through 2021 and if you like so many of us are bewildered at how we got to land here you are not alone.

I spoke more about the themes for July here.

I have been deeply immersed in writing a book about Grieving the death a beloved Animal Companion –

(If you would be interested in being an early reader and giving me an honest review please let me know.)

It’s one of those tender somethings I have been putting off for many years, because we are the product of several generations of un grieved

wounds and we have not been taught how to grieve well or to be with dying and death when the time comes as the final act of love.

And we suffer because we have little common sense of dying which makes it complicated in the grieving

and the knowing that dying is something we all do, not something that happens us.

It is my hope that like all my little missives here and holy shifts on facebook and youtube,

that this little book of dying and grieving that I offer up something that is useful to you.

We have had so much thrust upon us relentlessly, that it has been almost impossible to digest and integrate it all.

Catastrophic news bombarding our nervous systems and breaking us wide open that it is no surprise that

we have on so many levels desensitised our empathy, built walls around our hearts and withdrawn in an attempt

to protect ourselves from feeling too much, too deeply – as if the pain would truly obliterate us.

How often do we turn away from images of refugees drowning in an effort to flee war or birds feeding their babies

plastic or starving polar bears because it is all too much for us to bear witness to or grieve such overwhelming agony

and loss without slipping into hopeless, powerless despair.

For better or worse, deep within our knowing, we know that we are losing something precious,

a sense of security that, even if illusory at the best of times, we don’t want to be accountable for our

part in the death of this planet we call home. There is no spoon full  of sugar to make this medicine go down.

Not here, i respect you too much to offer platitudes or false hope when you and I are being called to co create a

holy rising of sorts,

a movement to be useful and effective in how we are living our lives.

So, if you are reading this, I THANK YOU for feeling what may be uncomfortable here and for continuing to

give of your light and your love when you are so tired and have a longing for a time out, to be able to close

your eyes and rest well.

So many of you have become very intimate with compassion fatigue, you have paid your dues in the death trade and

together, we are not done yet doing the deep work to let what needs to die, die well as spiritual activist.

Dying in a death phobic and grief illiterate culture is no easy task. Dying often nails us to the wheel of the world

and at the same time we find ourselves ungrounded, out of body, suspended in disbelief I find difficult to name.

I imagine us to be like ships adrift in dark, deep waters learning to keep afloat in our business of living

and reimagining right relationship with death, loss, immortality and survival.

Everywhere I look, inside of myself, in the holding space for my clients and in the larger societal arenas of packed soccer

and tennis stadiums,on the outside, in their faces it looks “fine” and like everything is “okay”

but on a Soul level I sense in my bones a sedation of spirit.

There is no escaping that there is much grieving to be done, so much loss of our familiar reference points –

personally, culturally, and collectively.

For many of you who I have had the privilege to guide and mentor through your own personal losses and challenges,

I have been aware of a mutual holy longing for rest and have time to introspect so you can then integrate,

heal and restore your spiritual, mental and physical well being.So many of you have shared that this quarantine

has been an internal quarantine as well,

a learning how to end, to let go and  to close,

it has been a real isolation from parts of ourselves, in our tender hearts, really.

Can you allow yourself the space to acknowledge your grief, your losses and your heartache?

My guides, your bodies, mine included have been showing me extreme tiredness, not only physically, but a
soul-level sort of exhaustion, where what we thought we knew about ourselves, who we are and
what matters most to us, what we’re doing here, and where we’re headed… so much of this has
really been called into question, been dismantled, and in many ways has fallen apart.

So on this Independence day, can you give yourself permission to fall apart?

To rest at the level of your nervous system,

to let your grief be your healing in motion,

just don’t let your sorrow linger longer than necessary.

I spoke more about this here

Tread gently on your sweet bodies.

We are stretching and there is no Turning back Now –

we can and are doing the deep and necessary work and an intrinsic part of that is deep rest.

Much love always


PS. I have opened up another 2 Decoding your Soul Contracts Session because so many of you asked and

those of you who were brave enough to lean in and re callibrate to your Soul Purpose have had such huge

releases and peace come from knowing who you truly are. So if that interests you, just hit reply here.

I am also sharing more ways that you can heal from emotional and narcissistic abuse over on my youtube channel.

Please let me know if you are finding these love letters useful and what you would like to know more about

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