Gosh we are certainly in the long dark, aren’t we? So many of you have told me in session and conversation that you are feeling manic, bipolar, unhinged, shattered, lonely, heartbroken…..the list goes on and the one question you may be asking that is out in the field is “how do we reorganise ourselves?”

Instead of writing a long love missive to you this week, I decided to speak about this here instead. 

Some of the things that are calling for our attention and reframe are:

  1. the biggest lie about co-dependency being a “bad thing”.
  2. the difference between independence and inter-dependence
  3. why not resisting the descent into the dark is the skill that will save us
  4. Ubuntu: Collaboration over competition – the law of reciprocity
  5. Why we must get skilled with death and grief

and more. At one point instead of speaking about new beginnings being a new moon invitation, I called it the full moon 🙂

You can listen to it here:https://youtu.be/I_syhkzHlIw

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Being an empath that is sensitive to the intense upheaval in the psychic fields, I have been suffering from insomnia again and after being awake two nights in a row – it was 3.30am again last night until I took a dose of my own medicine and took some gaba after a brain dump! If you can relate one or more of these 7 natural remedies may give you some relief. This one is 9 simple ways to resolve anxiety and insomnia and when used in conjunction with the remedies – what a difference. The thing is we have to use them, make them a daily practice!

You can ask your body if what is keeping you up at night is yours – it could be a both, and…..so ask who does this belong to and if it is not yours, return it to sender with consciousness attached. Also, remember that you can set “office hours” with entities that are asking for your help and to show up in a body and pay you. As we are all bringing our own unique skill set to the collective, I have found that I am being bombarded with non-physical beings including ancestors who are working with me and that are asking for my support. Self-care and healthy boundaries are non-negotiables right now so practice good energy management. You have worked so hard in raising your vibration to give your energy away to serve people who are not ready to receive you.

My book on pet grief has been working me hard, it’s been brutal, and cathartic as well and it is not done with me just yet. I hope that it will we useful for animal lovers who have lost a beloved animal companion and are struggling with them not being around in the physical. I would like to ask for your help in coming up with a title that will jump out and have people want to read it. Please let me know what grief books or other books you have bought because the title grabbed your attention or any suggestions you have.

If you would like to be an early reader, I would really appreciate your feedback as I don’t want to leave anything out. Thank you to those of you who have already offered your eyes on my words, i hope that even if you don’t have pets that this book will support you in carrying the many layers and types of grief you experience every day.

Also, on Tuesday I will be speaking more to “Ubuntu – how to carry your grief alongside your joy” and how important it is that we apprentice with the long dark inside of community. That we find new ways to come home to our tribe through ceremony and ritual and the wisdom of our elders.Just as chaos is a natural law, mutual reciprocity exists throughout nature. Ecosystems work communally because they’re efficient at moving stuff around, reorganisation, at communicating, and they’re resilient. And they’re meant to help us be reproductive societies.

Just click on the image or the link to join this wonderful series of many healers and light-bringers.

May we be like the network of old trees and together reorganise ourselves for all life to thrive by welcoming death and decay, as the vital part of our true nature. May we let ourselves be reduced to the ashes, to become the humus of decay so that new life can also be nurtured.

I send you so much love

I see you

I honor you on your journey

Always – Ubuntu