How have you been during this huge energy storm that most probably has created quite a disruption in your world?

If you have not been joining me for spontaneous doses of love medicine over on my facebook page, please do – I am finding that with so much noise online and the amount of emails flooding my own inbox, that live transmissions seem a lot more valuable right now where you can connect heart to heart, comment and ask questions.

I have been noticing alongside many of my private clients that we are doing so much multi dimensional multi tasking, that days come and go and more space opens up where i often don’t remember what i did all day.

Some days I feel like I am running a race, I am exhausted even though I coma sleep or cannot sleep at all, waking up knowing that I have been working on other dimensionalities and time lines with my guides. My spiritual team helpers keep showing me that we are overtaking the density and dark energies of psychic viruses and trauma contagions which means we are having to move energy twice as fats as our old normal, party because more and more people are waking up now.


So if you have been feeling exhausted, irritable or down listen in to this love medicine walk, where I guided and explained how to use the Wim Hof somatic breath practise to energise every cell and space in your body mind and reset your frazzled nervous system.

In challenging times we are made aware of what we can control and what we cannot and what really matters. Not that our energy is limited – we are limitless creators but our energy resources cant get scattered and unfocused because we need those resources to maintain our grounding, centering and energetic balance

April energies are all about reconciling our affairs in the bigger picture before we can more into aligned action and futuring to reorganising and reparation can begin, so although you may not yet be ready to move, it’s a good time to prepare for action.

It is so important to practise good psychic AND physical energy management now more than ever as we are using more brain power to burn up all the old programs, lies and entanglement with what was killing us slowly and silently. As we go through this die off stage, be gentle with yourself and your soft animal body as you recalibrate on a cellular level.

Here are some ways to support you with that:

1.Truth time and the real virus you need to aware of: Lets call it truth time –
Divine intervention, tough love and sacred activism

Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better”~ Albert Einstein

In nature there is constant flux and adaptation.
If there are too many prey animals, more predators show up to bring the population into balance.We co created this Corona virus, it’s time to stand up and be accountable.
Let’s have the tough, uncomfortable, life changing chat and address the elephant in the room please?

2. Walking your way home to the heart through grief, doubt and uncertainty calls for this

3. Your antidote to fear and the covid19 virus

In this video I will guide you through a somatic body based mindfulness practise to calm your nervous system down, ease irrational fear and anxiety and optimise your immune system.

4. In this love medicine walk I spoke about what do you get when you socially isolate hundreds of millions of people, encourage them to stay indoors as much as possible and make it difficult for them to find meaningful work, regular exercise, and healthy nutrition?

That’s right, a lot of depressed, anxious people stuck in a survival stress response.

A lot has been said about the global lockdown’s effect on the economy, but little has been said about the impending mental health crisis we’re all likely going to face in the coming months. I already feel myself slightly cracking every few days, and we’re only a couple weeks in. Imagine three months from now.

Retraining your nervous system is more important than ever

Your Nervous System does not want to be hyper vigilant, survival stress compromises immune system and need resources to create calm safe embodied which is why I am showing up to give you more resources to practice and retrain your brain.

Social isolation, lack of exercise, and financial uncertainty will almost certainly lead to deteriorating mental health around the world. But you can take steps today to soften the blThe core of trauma is not being seen… or known… or heard… or validated.

Basically, everyone’s childhood.

You see, when we are not “known” or when our inner reality isn’t able to be shared, even if we are surrounded by people, we are utterly disconnected and alone.

Loneliness and depression stem from this core disconnection.

We are social creatures. We’ve evolved to need community and each other to survive and thrive.

The brain is a social organ and good quality mental health is directly related to the quality of our relationships and our levels of being able to be seen, known, heard and validated.

We miss each other in so many ways.

It’s really important to slow down, especially in the core relationships of your life, and acknowledge, take in and empathize with the experience of others.

Notice, I did not say agree.

You can acknowledge someone’s experience as real and valid, without agreeing with the conclusion they came to because of that experience.

The more you can get away from needing to agree on what everything means with the core people in your life, and instead really start to tap in to what an experience was like for them, you will take a massive leap in your relationships, healing and your life.

Relationships can be hard work in the best of circumstances, now with social isolation family dynamics that were dysfunctional to begin with are being stretched to the limit of abuse and it’s got to change now.

Again, I can’t stress this enough: we all want safety connection and belonging in fact we cannot survive without it.

And yet it takes work to get it right because –

You get two people together with all their inherent temperamental and preferential differences, you add work, money struggles, commutes, waxing and waning libidos, aging bodies, sleep-deprived minds, kids, mortgages, work stressors, student loan payments, seemingly endless laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping on top of it all, and your relationship, at times, will likely feel quite hard.

Again, think of the Hedgehogs in the parable: we try to move towards each other for warmth when we’re cold, but the inherent pricks of us and life can often sting and drive us apart.

And again, I stress, that’s relationship in the best of circumstances.

I know there is a lot of FREE and powerful resources for you to use here…..

the power of chocie is yours to binge watch them or drip them in slowly so your nervous system doesn’t go into shut down – this is valuable information and I want you to trust you are not alone,I am here to support you and your pets any which way I can.

And if you feel called to go deeper into this work with me to help you get clear on how to create a healthy and abundant life, body and business, just reply “lifeline” here.

I love you,

I honor you on your journey

and …. you got this!

Your biggest supporter in everything neuroplasty and a beautiful life


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