Today I’m here to send you a loving reminder about another thing in your life that will never let you down, that you cannot ever lose and will keep you safely embodied, vibrant and sharp in mind and healthy in body.


There are so many things in life that are outside of our control, and because we tend to focus on what we can’t control, we often neglect the things that we can control.


This one thing, in particular, is almost always neglected…


It’s taken for granted…


…And yet? It’s essential to our survival.


It’s our own breath.


Oxygen is essential for all of nature to survive. For crops to grow we need oxygenated soils, for water to support marine life it requires oxygen, and of course all living creatures on this planet breathe.


With every breath we take, it offers us to chance to receive, a chance of renewal.


That’s why our breath is the foundation of Step #1 in the “I Love You, Me” method.


This step is all about connecting within. 


If you haven’t listened to how breath work literally changes lives, this is where I’ll show you how breath creates your connection with yourself. 


Give it a try with this powerful breath track, 12 fold somatic breath work from the BReathe Fully program and let me know how you find it by replying back to this email! I’d love to hear how you’re finding it.


You have got this !

Now breathe in fully

You got this one!

One beautiful, sweet breath at a time….

With all my love,


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