I don’t know how we are going to get through this or what the future holds for any of us. The world is changing and there is nothing familiar or comforting about it because fear is the primary driver of everything that we can’t see. These are extreme times and on many levels, we aren’t prepared for this and I invite you to spend time in your heart space, to get really honest with yourself when you ask :

“What are the stories, the lies and the limitations you are telling yourself right now?” You are not the same person that you were when you bought the unconscious stories about who you think you are. You are the one who thinks, not the thoughts, you are not your feelings, you are the one who feels and you are an alchemical creator, not your stories or anyone else’s. When you are living from your head telling the story of lack, scarcity and limitation you cannot feel your heart or listen to your body wisdom. Give yourself permission to delete any and all unconscious commitments, oaths, fealties, promises, binding and bonding contracts you have made in this lifetime and every other lifetime that are holding you back from living in your highest, greatest version of yourself.No thing and no body has power over you and how you create your life unless you give your power away.

I am with you, I feel you as myself – it feels like we haven’t had or rather allowed ourselves time to feel our grief, let alone process it because we keep being hooked back into the collective fear programs. We are exhausted on every level from constantly resisting and trying to control what cannot be controlled. Our nervous systems are taking the “hit” of all this collective trauma on top of our personal trauma wounds. Our unconscious believes that it has no choice to say no and it’s terrified about loss and discomfort. Your nervous system is designed to keep you safe, even when it is not in your best interests, it wants familiarity and certainty which is not what you need right now if you are looking towards new ways to create sustainable and consistent resources. We see the visible proof that is in every story playing out in the gobal arena of social unrest, economic instability and unresolved conflicts. Unfortunately collective trauma and the wounds inflicted often go unrecognized, unresolved and ignored and so they repeat again and again through generations until we say no more.

I want to remind you that your body is yours and your alone and you are the only one who can stand up for your body and those that you love. What we are going through is spiritual and biological warfare and we are being asked to step out of the old systems and divisive programming and return to TRUST. So many of you reached out and asked me how we navigate the accelerated pressures to put an experimental “drug” into your body. How do we create safety and connection when we are being bombarded with so much fear that if you don’t be a good little sheep and do what you are told that there will be dire consequences.You might lose your source of income, your kids won’t be able to go to school if you don’t. If you do, you may feel a familiar sense of comfort but it may not be because at the back of you mind there is so much fear that the v will kill you sooner than the date you had in mind. It’s not normal, any of it and it’s going to continue but whatever you choose, choose to live life on your terms, authentically and with love and compassion. Not everyone is here to evolve and raise their consciousness and it’s not your job to convince them otherwise. Be in allowance of everything and keep your frequencies high, stay in integrity and nothing will affect you.

Firstly please be gentle with yourself right now and come back to the one thing that is yours, your body’s ancient wisdom. It is your greatest consciousness facilitator and only you get to take radical responsibility for how you keep it healthy, vital, and immune to the many threats you face. When you work through your fears and filter out anything that is not true for you, you become the sovereign leader of your own life. I know how challenging it has been to live spiritually in a physical world when resistance pushes back at you but remember that this is how you stay healthy and grow. When you trust your body’s innate intelligence to keep your physical organism alive, you unhook from the psychic viruses and programming. You are the living proof, the survivor of generations of your ancestors whose immune systems managed to neutralise billions of natural threats and man-made toxins. Since you were conceived in your mother’s womb, that knowledge embedded in your cells has been doing a really good job of keeping you healthy.

Think about this for a second – have you ever had a deep cut and your body healed itself? Of course, just like you have had food poisoning or a virus like mumps or chicken pox and your body raised your temperature to just the right degree to kill the virus or bacteria. Did you have a PhD in woundology, a PhD in endothelial sciences? Of course not and in spite of you not doing much except cleaning the wound or drinking lots of fluids and sleeping a lot, your body knew what to do to heal itself.We know this through the teachings of the ancient spiritual traditions or modern traditions like internal family systems and bodytalk we know that we have a part of ourselves, call that  higher self, body deva, the ventral vagal self, the soul self, whatever you want to call the innate intelligence.

So whether or not you had a high ACE score, great parenting, or corrective attachment experiences that part of you knows what you need to heal. You may not always know how to access it but it has been doing the best it can,based on the trauma responses and experiences you’ve had in the past. What we know is that we have a Soul self, a central non physical energy body, connected to the quantum, zero point field. Right now what you are feeling is a trauma response that is causing anxiety, depression, dissociation and everything else and the problem is that when you are in a survival threat response, you cannot access the ancient wisdom of your heart brain your Soul – that subtle energy. The paradox is that we need healthy co regulation to feel safety, connection and belonging and we can only have social engagement like that when we feel safely embodied. Then we can start to regulate our nervous systems and move from survival into co creation mode. As we start to get in touch with our different traumatised parts,our heart rate variability increases .01 hertz, we have more compassion and authenticity.As we do so we can understand what happened to us and this more subtle energy starts to emerge and because you are tuned in to your body’s innate intelligence you self heal. You can know things that you need to know intuitively, without ever being taught because the ancient wisdom is downloaded on a cellular level as part of your energetic blueprint from your ancestors.

Yes,we absolutely need Co-regulation as a biological imperative as mammals, AND before that, it is imperative to have healthy co-regulation with your soul – with your body deva’s higher self, your heart brain. The wise part of you that does know how to love you, to take care of you and bring that to your shadow work, to not just focus on the body and forget you have a soul. In spirituality, so many bypasses the body forgetting that we chose to incarnate to enjoy having a physical body. Learn to honour and respect your nervous system, listen to the somatic responses it sends to your body. Get to a place where you stop creating separation within your body, mind, heart and spirit and the quantum field of oneness and wholism. In short stay in your heart so you can come back to your body. Listen to the   divine ancient intelligence, the Attman, your Soul and trust you have everything you need to create your future.

I spoke more about some of the energy medicine and body processes you can use to support your body to eliminate any toxins and keep your original genetic code here. Keep in mind that even if you haven’t had the V, the energetics are in the field, in our food, water and air. If you treat any threat including this one as something to fight or protect against, you are functioning from the lower vibrations of fear that render you and your body as powerless rather than more powerful. I have also attached the Biogeometry formula inside of the BG3 amplifier for you to print off and use if you choose. This is powerful technology that has been used by the Egyptians and a select few up until now. I trained with my mentors Kris Attard and founder of biogeometry Dr Ibrahim Karim and I have been using these energy healing balancing symbols for over ten years on bodies, land and buildings with great results. Don’t take my word for it, trust your body’s innate yes and educate yourself to this incredible technology at www.biogeometry.com.I also wear the BG3 pendant and resonators on my devices and use it throughout my house on water and electrical curcuitry and emfs which you can buy in the biogeometry store.

If you would like me to do an intuitive bodyscan and create your own individual BG3 energy formula to balance and support you right now for only $47, just let me know. For now print out both OR the one your body resonates with – this combination of QeEEBS are specifically designed  for immunity and to eliminate detrimental energies like the V and other toxins. Just gazing at it or putting a printout under your pillow or mattress or on your skin is enough – if you find the energy too strong in the beginning move it further away and adjust as your BG3 energy gets stronger. Let me know how you find it along with the spoken word energy processes you will find in the description of the YOUTUBE video.

As always trust, trust, trust

I love you