The last love missive I sent out to you got such a mixed response from my tribe

addressing the whole gamut of emotions from anger to judgement, to NO form,

NO structure and NO significance –

which if you have ever had a private session or attended one of my workshops or retreat

is the whole point….

to come back from a programmed response when triggered of blame,

shame and regret

of functional freeze

to being safely embodied enough to be able to stay in a space of allowance

– to loving whatever arises beyond projections, expectations and judgement.


I am so grateful for all the feedback, some of you brave souls voiced with me

so that I could come out of my own ego mind, out of a survival response that antagonised

some of the unhealed, past life persecution trauma patterns that run deep

to a space of internal safety

to ask generative questions on what else was possible for me to learn from you all

about being human…..

I spoke to this in a channelled session about the Legacy necklace here some time ago

that so many of you wept tears of relief when you listened and remembered that

you have always been enough here.


It brought me back to a space of connection to my why…..

I continue to speak to psychic viruses of the mind,

the wateeko

the programming,

the inter generational and ancestral trauma patterns,

the importance of doing our own shadow work

of resetting our nervous systems

of claiming our own sovereignty

to come home to our hearts

to heal this great separation sickness

so that we may ground into our own medicine

and trust that we are and always have been enough.


So here we are in this space of re- entry

that I thought I’d remind you that…

…you’re more than enough, first_name.

If you have not joined the love warrior tribe of nervous system resetters who are transforming trauma into dharma and co regulating together do so here – it’s an invitation only closed, safe fb group that is on fire right now !!

Due to a temporary lapse of memory,

you might have forgotten these facts about your life:

You’re good enough…

lovable enough…

worthy enough…

talented enough…

deserving enough.


So, don’t worry too much about what the little voice in your head says from

a very slanted negativity biased point of view

– about you –

all a lack of safety from a perspective of being disconnected and not attuning properly

all from childhood or inutero or other trauma response like those described in

the ACE test you can take here.


It’s always what you be, do, trust, receive and have 

that counts,

not what you think.

Listen to the positivity bias 5-4-3-2-1 go here instead.


You can ignore what it says about your partner/ child/ mother/ father/ friend too.


You’re the only one with the power to choose to change, anyway.


Or what it says about your relationship struggles.

There is no-thing stronger or more powerful than you

even though there is a lot of interference from the shadow realms right now

They are here to support you in waking up

to claim your power

as you move into the light and illuminate the shadow


This is the path of evolution for all beings

as you clear the crap out of your energy fields

and bring up some of your old wounds

ready to be healed

because you have enough support and resources

and are so ready to do the shadow work.

You are safe –

You are safe.

Say yes beloved and allow it to be here now.


You don’t have to feel like crap

If you just keep cleansing, clearing and purifying your energy system

and not let the interference accumulate on your energy systems.


As my growth partner and daughter, HSP, empath cancerian light being Thalia

reminds me often-

“This too is temporary….”

There is no/thing to be afraid of….


You have got this!


As you wake up to more unity consciousness that is innate to you –

there is no war between light and dark.


It is time to heal from this great separation sickness.


If any thing, this crazy covid experiment to socially isolate

and separate people from people, has shown us the power of the heart connection

and the social injustice on our freedoms to live the way we choose to

to connect and belong is vital to our health and our livelyhood.


Just re/peating your activations like this one to strengthen your immune system

calling in your guides and ancestral helping spirits

to help you clear your energy fields

and transmuting and transforming trauma patterns


It’s how kind you are to another that matters,

not whether or not you disagree or fight.


So, whenever you next feel angry,




hurt or alone,

it means that you’ve momentarily forgotten…

…how deeply loved you are,

what a miracle you are,

how much you have to give,

and how far you’ve already come.

You. Are. Enough. first_name.

Let yourself feel in order to heal

Hold your child parts as the secure, loving, compassionate adult

and grow yourself up!

That’s a bonafide, irrefutable fact.

One you never need question again.

Repeat after me –

hand on heart

” I am the light,

the light I am.


As I stand on my own two feet fully grounded

in the now,

I trust without the need for visible proof

that there is always a solution to everything

and I will see that now because my mind is clear

and my heart is open to receiving….

I have cleansed, cleared and purified any past life patterns of influence,

any contracts, programs and kharmic patterns I return to the Earth for recycling.

I revoke permission for any dense entities interference from my ability

and free will to co create abundance, health, loving relationships

and a good life lived well into legacy,

known or unknown in my life

to go back to God source now!

Thank you for the lessons.

thank you for supporting me,

thank you for reminding me

that I am enough.

You see clearly now

that you are enough

You have enough

There will always be more than enough.

And so it is

and so it was

and so it always will be.



I send you blessings of love, peace and prosperity

Always your ally in all things loving



PS: You have nothing to fear 

You are a powerful being

there is no energy stronger than you.


You have nothing to fear.

You are sovereign.

You see infinite possibilities

and only infinite possibilities.


Hold your light shining brighter where ever you go.

Breathe that in Beloved.


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