Firstly thank you so much for all your beautiful words, your concerns, and for giving my weekly touchpoints

and wonderings your attention. You being here, for subscribing to my YOUTUBE channel, and commenting on my

Facebook lives also mean so much to me. Some of you have asked if I have lost someone precious because of the grief

I have expressed of late – thank you for asking and for feeling into the dark places I am being stretched into as

I attempt to write a book on Grief, death, and dying. It is a painful space to be immersed in and also one that is

demanding of me to live and die over and over again when I would rather not. While death is not a comfortable topic

and I have many moments of doubt as to why anyone would want to read how to die wise or learn to hold space for the dying,

I feel there is the medicine between the sensitivity and suffering in myself that will meet you in yours

so that we may be broken open and healed together.

I have been wondering how we can give ourselves permission to hold sorrow and joy at the same time,

I have been thinking a lot about the power of “both-and”, a holographic opening to more ease and grace.

A wider more peaceful perception that is calling us back to our roots, to our heart’s knowing,

a truth that cannot be achieved from the old linear, flat two-dimensional split of “yes, but” or “either-or”

– that perpetuates more undirected anger, hostility, judgment and separation –

all which tear at the very moral fiber and intrinsic fabric of our humanity and our desire to belong.

As I have been guiding incredible women to align with their unique energetic abundance blueprints

– reminding them who they came here to be, by decoding their “Soul Contracts”,

I have noticed mutations

on programs of persecution, enslavement and rejection running on a Mobius strips that have undone their beautiful

medicine and collapsed the physical body and nervous system. It is no wonder at times, why so many,

myself included feel things are “getting worse” even though we have done so much work on ourselves

that we make it personal, we judge and shame ourselves as doing something wrong.

We look for visible signs

that we have failed or that somehow it’s our fault that…. (fill in the blank), in an attempt to make sense of our lives.

My guides showed me an image of lava arising and moving in slow motion to cover over

and thaw out our collective frozen parts.

Have you noticed how everything especially the simplest of tasks seems to be taking so long, like pulling teeth??

(This email has taken me hours to write, I wonder if my words even make sense and wow, it’s difficult to be patient!!)

I spoke about that here if you want a gentle reminder on patience.

A powerful image of all the unresolved trauma, grief, uncertainty, sadness and rage, that up until now has

been trapped in the pain body

and stitched prematurely, into the core of our being by our ancestors in an attempt to keep them safe.

It is up to each one of us to alchemize

the pain and instead of continuing the dark legacy of attempting to close the weeping wounds

not nursed or tended to, be present with the

pain and feel it fully so that you can receive the insights to guide you to your wholeness. 
I have spent decades listening to and observing this violent language we women have adopted

as irrevocable instruction In the midst of that fast swirl,

we must stop and take a deep dive within ourselves to investigate and

examine the inner workings of our own shame suffering

and self shredding in the volatility of angry should’ing, self shredding and unkind demands like

“pull yourself together” and “stop being a cry baby”.

No matter what anyone tells you, please don’t lament in the why’s

and try to press yourself into a package of false compliance.

Give yourself permission to come apart and trust that everything you feel is okay.

The bravest thing to do at times like this is nothing.

Give yourself permission to ask for help, and even if your fear seems unrelenting,

trust that you have not lost your faith,

you are no less of a person for lamenting in despair and you are not alone.

Instead of ‘pulling yourself together”, let yourself become undone,

let everything you tell yourself and everything you believe

in unravel and seep out of the gaping wound with grace.

Instead of holding back your sorrow, cry like a baby until you are complete

and tenderized by each kiss planted on the

version of you that is far too small to be live into what is being asked of you right now.

Kiss her and let her go so you no

longer have to fear your own resistance.

Allow this moment to amplify the tensions held in your body,

and give thanks for yet another opportunity to

excavate old traumas and to grow.

Instead of rushing or avoiding intense sorrow and grief,

be patient, sit in the waiting room and

just be here now with what is.

Then when you are ready to integrate, here are

5 simple ways to support your immune system and your heart through your vagus nerve.

My Soul prayer for you is this:

May you use your sensitivities in the right relationship

with the sensitive energies of the New moon

to expand your capacity for care and kindness.

As you go about your days when your empathic heart gets overwhelmed

in the waves of heartache, pain, and sorrow,

may you send loving kindness and tenderness

as a soothing balm into the collective.

As an interconnected sensitive being that senses another’s suffering

may they sense your comfort and feel the love within you feeling them.

May you let your wounds weep into the spaces

where you find yourself displaced and (both- and)

with as little insufficiency to your belonging in this global crisis,

be much more intentional in how to use this time

to transform your wounds into

a creative heartled response

to serve in a new loving way.

May you allow yourself to take in the feeling of wellness

and trust in your wellness.

May you give thanks for your body’s ability to keep you healthy.

May you rest well before you seize your next now moment

and take advantage of the heightened intensity

that could very well be the end of suffering

in this whole tragedy of belonging

surrounded by mercy in the miracle

and in the dying for the life

waiting for you to arrive.

And so it is.

Be gentle with yourself as you send your divine order into the light of the new moon to

make manifest whatever is calling you to receive

more love, more of you, more surrender…….

Much love always


PS: Thank you again for your courage to befriend and transmute old ancestral

and kharmic trauma wounds by doing the deep work and resting your nervous system.

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and unresolved emotional and narcissistic abuse patterns or would like some support for

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