I want to know, how are you being, feeling, doing, processing, preparing – really please let me know how i can support you

How do we anchor, truly root down into the earth and stay grounded so we can co create what is most necessary right now?

How deep can you go?

I see many working to invoke mixed object considerations. I’ve seen videos thanking coronavirus for the relief from rabid consumerism and busyness, time spent with family at home, and moment of exhale for the environment (GOOD) with the tacit implication that the virus is actually, unfortunately, responsible for people dying, jobs lost, and schools closed (BAD).

This is valuable, but what happens when we go deeper?

In my communities
, I invite the intrepid sentinels gathered to leave no stone unturned. To question everything. And to work with science and personal intuition to arrive at a truth that feels empowering. Many of us have asked questions like, “is there actually a virus that is well-characterised and whose associated symptoms are somehow clinically distinct from common flu-like symptoms?” and “is something other than fear (and the nocebo effect) actually spreading” and “do germs cause illness or could it be more complex” and “should the government be practising medicine” and many others.

We ask, is this true for me even though it might be true for another?

Through this practice of inquiry, we can arrive at the possibility that we, as global citizens largely arrested in our child psychology, have unconsciously given our power to authorities who are few in number but united around a common desire to control a populace without regard for individual rights, belief systems, or needs, because of their own unresolved childhood wounds and defences.

The agenda that we have colluded with up until this point has the documented intention to surveil the population through 5G networks, establish one-world currency, and centralized utilitarian government (BAD). And there is also an opportunity for us to awaken if we choose to do so.

To recognize the power that we have to choose a perspective that holds both the good and the bad. To feel fear and also be okay. To reclaim our power as individuals and as a collective to align with the natural world, our wise biology, and a love-based consciousness. (GOOD).

It’s my observation that our primary wounds and deepest existential fears are coming up for all of us in our own unique ways.

There are some who are afraid of a deadly virus spreading.

There are others who are afraid of homelessness, hunger, and lost livelihood.

Others who are afraid of government overreach and a militarized presence in our everyday lives, let alone the spectre of forced bodily penetration through mandated vaccination. And some are simply afraid because they are feeling the storyless fear of uncertainty. Whatever our worries are, they are in relation to a force that feels larger than us, and that invokes an experience of powerlessness and helplessness. This fear has been in each and every one of us since childhood. And life has conspired to present us with the opportunity to relate and orient towards this fear as self-soothing, self-regulating adults who are finally strong enough to feel fear without needing to act from that place. Because of the spiral path that is self-discovery, the way you’re feeling now and the story your fear is telling you is probably not new. 

Patterns represent opportunities to respond differently.

And perhaps now you are ready to assert your authority over your own experience.

To own all of what is coming up and handle it without re-acting from an old program. You might be ready to come to a place of inner okay-ness before the wise response becomes obvious. And when you don’t know what to do, you’ll wait until you do. Because uncontained fear is how we give away our power.

And it doesn’t mean that feeling fear is wrong or a sign of weakness. It means that there is a way to feel it, contain it, hold it, and allow it to transform under the guidance of a bigger self that says, ‘everything is okay. No matter what. Because I am bigger than my earthly identity.

And it’s only when I forget that and lose sight that suffering feels inescapable.’Transforming our victim stories about something terrible that is happening to us that isn’t fair (it’s not fair is the rallying cry of the victim) can only happen when we allow our feelings to exist without needing the outer world to change in order for them to be resolved.

The victim story ends when we finally take responsibility for our personal experience and recognize that we are in charge of how we perceive the world, and that the story we tell can bring us to a place of calm, grace, and trust or a hell worse than anything that could possibly be sustained circumstantially.

If we can start with the victim stories that we tell about the body (including that it is haplessly vulnerable to bad germs out there that attack at random), we will retain our power in the face of medical hexing and fear-based interventions.

One of the elements of empowerment beyond reflexive victimhood narration is through the practice of holding the mixed object perspective. Instead of experiencing ourselves as good and something else as all bad (my clean body and that bad dirty germ), or something else as all good and ourselves as all bad (I’m worthless and everyone else is successful), we can hold nuance and polarities within us. Then, and only then, do we cease to project them on others in the world who we judge and experience as persecuting us with their badness or who can do no wrong because of how we have wholesale idealized them.

This childlike black-and-white thinking (I’ve done plenty of it my whole life, so I’m not using childlike pejoratively) is what sets us up for the illusion that we can “beat” the bad guy out there and finally be all good…or that we will never be good enough because we are fundamentally bad.So when we hold the mixed object, we learn to say, I am some bad and some good. And we see our enemies as also having the qualities that we also have but may not want to admit to (such as lying, cheating, aggression, etc), and then we can acknowledge the possibility that we might be just like them if we had lived their lives.

I know that when I ask myself the question,

“where in my life am I holding the energy of a totalitarian authority who knows best how to create safety for others,”

I can find examples in my parenting and in my choices to create safe spaces for my followers that might also restrict freedoms in ways that those under my influence might not agree with. Examining that which I judge within helps me to ask bigger questions like, is it anyone’s job to protect anyone else? Are we more powerful, each of us, than we have been lead to believe?

What this practice ultimately offers is a reflexive search for meaning and a suspension of judgment when confronted with fear or intense uncomfortable emotion. When we remember the mixed object, we can say, what could this be about for me? as a first response that precedes actions that would otherwise seek to resolve the feeling.This also helps us to resist the illusion that life will feel good when “all the good things are in place” and makes room for the possibility of growth, and even expansion into joy, that can come from darkness. Ask any of my patients or program completers about the light that follows the dark night and how a rebirth experience of confusion, pain, terror, and disorientation can be exactly what allows them to expand into joy and even bliss.


Here are some ways to course correct when the energies push you off course from your true magnetic north:

  • Accept what is: As Byron Katie says…you know that something should be happening…because it IS happening. So, when we allow, permit, and first say ok, this is what is, we have access to our inner okay-ness to respond from. We may not like what’s happening, and we may have an idea of how to change it. We may be so flooded with fear that non-action feels like self-violence. But, here is where we can grow up and make deep and consistent contact with that part of us that is always undisturbed.
  • Hold both fear and joy: When we feel despair, we lose our connection to joy. It’s like it never existed and never will again. Part of what is suffocating about emotional pain (or physical pain, for that matter) is that we imagine it will never change. Emotions are alchemical. They swirl and shift into one another. You might laugh after you cry or feel the freedom and expansion that comes from allowing deep anger its proper release (stay tuned for what that can look like). When we hold space within us for emotions to be non-directed, we learn that they all co-exist and we stop running from the “bad” ones in search of the “good.”
  • Self-regulate: Ok, this is where the money is. We must, if we intend to adult, learn to self-regulate without needing others or the world to be any particular way in order for us to access okay-ness. This is a lofty goal, so in the meantime, you may need to curate and cultivate safe spaces. I know I’ve said to my partner, “I don’t like your vibe right now and I don’t want to interact until you calm down.” That is me trying to manage him rather than learning to manage myself. What allows me to remain empowered is to own how I’m feeling (scared), to allow him to be in whatever state he is, and to choose to listen non-defensively (this doesn’t mean I have to agree!).

In the moments I have felt triggered and scared during this unfoldment, here are some of the things that have helped me come back to calm…Here and now – Look around your 4 walls and assess the moment. The real lived moment. Odds are, everything where you are is actually totally okay. The non-okayness arises when you allow your mind to follow a story into the future.

Now is okay.

  • Basic needs – Are you hungry? Eat something. Thirsty? Drink some water. Cold? Put on a sweater. Hot? Take one off. Have to pee? Pee. Send your body signals of comfort.Discharge the energy
  • Toxic-journal by writing a stream of consciousness of all the worst case scenarios so that you can get them out and stop wincing away from them.
  • Shake your body intensely for one to two minutes.
  • Dance to a song that feels like your mood. Scream three times into a pillow.Generate ease –
  • Touch your forehead, throat, chest, and belly and say “open” to each space. Take ten breaths with long exhales, counting each one until you get to ten in a row.
  • Raise the corners of your mouth into a smile so your ventral vagal nerve can trigger a social calm signal to your body and mind.
  • Practice stillness – When we learn to sit for 20-40 minutes and simply notice the awareness that is watching, we come in to contact with the watcher. The I that is never disturbed, always, present. Always watching.

The I that is consciousness, and that survives the end of this expression of our identity called death. Perhaps trauma is, itself, the fear of death, and the belief that survival is the ultimate priority. If we can make contact with the witness within, we can begin to identify with a bigger self, and develop intimacy and acceptance with this transition we call death…so that we might finally be free to live.

  • Decisive action  Only then, after you have made contact with calm okay-ness, assess whether there is decisive action that needs to be taken. I, myself, will be waiting for a legislative opportunity from Stand for Health Freedom and otherwise, going inward, practicing mental hygiene, and defiantly generating moments of joy in the face of fear.

Every morning, when I meditate, I envision the world I’ve always wanted to live in. In this world, the flora, fauna, and water are resplendent and vivid. There are kids playing, running, and laughing. There are women and men dancing and drumming. There is a feeling of having weathered something together that was thought to be unimaginably decimating still hanging in the air like an audible exhale.

(Guide your wounded, frightened child parts home with this meditation.)

I also share this energetic immune system reboot to keep your heart open and your bodymind strong and flexible.

There is a feeling of generosity, familiarity, and a paradoxical importance of each person’s unique gift and a collective, collaborative devotion that allows the community to exist as one entity, reloomed with the natural world, all a pulsing expression of life.I imagine the feeling of healing.I know this feeling from my own experience of recovering from an inoperable brain tumor x2 at the back of my brain stem and witnessing the hundreds of individuals, human and animals, I have known to emerge from the ashes of their own former selves reborn anew.

The feeling is an exhilarating calm. It is a feeling of I always knew this could happen simultaneously with the feeling that says I can’t believe this is happening. It is a shedding of what stood in the way of what already always was.

Perhaps that’s why the Japanese word for crisis holds the concepts of danger and opportunity. Both are present for each of us as individuals and all of us as a collective.Our moment of individuation is upon us. The moment where you own your I AM and that declaration is a gift to us all. That declaration requires that you grow strong enough to hold your fear, and make contact with the okay-ness within. Then you can sing, it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine…

This moment of transition represents a massive shift in paradigm: from one in which safety is derived from control (of others, of our bodies, of others’ bodies) to one in which safety is recognised as already present and simply accessed through awareness and attention.

And it allows us to examine who we are relating to as more powerful than ourselves, and specifically how we may have colluded to parentify our governments so that we either acquiesce or rebel against this authority.

But could this be a moment to ask a silent majority to step into their individual truths so that we might move beyond the parent-child dynamics of government-citizen into a community of reverent but sovereign individuals? I believe that human nature is inherently generous and compassionate when the conditions of policing are not outsourced to a watching eye but internalized in a self-reflective reflex.

Perhaps we are at a moment of moving into our collective adulthood, beyond what we assumed might be the only reality we could subsist in, into one that allows us to own our full selves.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” ― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

So there it is – remember that no matter what life throws in your path, no matter what you may lose, the one thing you will never lose and cannot lose is how you choose to navigate your own way.

To live a life of TRUE fulfilment we must re-turn to TRUST in and SURRENDER to the Great Unknown. We must re-connect to the Great Unknown. Collaborating with the Great Unknown must take center stage in our daily life. It can be quite a journey to bring back this alignment. It can be quite a challenge sometimes to really feel and follow the life pulse of the Great Unknown and go with the flow.

Trust yourself,

Trust in the divine

Trust – you have got this!

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Much love always


PS: I want to know – how are you? What is it you most need right now to move from waiting into creation mode, because the only thing you cannot lose, is the power of choice and the FREEDOM to create your own beautiful, abundant, happy life being YOU!?