Can you believe we have reached the double amplification of 11:11 in the year 2021? Have the tears been flowing this week? Are you giving your grief a sound as you expand your beautiful heart to receive and give more?

11 is considered to be a “master number” in numerology and represents growth, awakening, and our connection to the spiritual dimensions. November 11th is a day where we are blessed with a double dose of this auspicious energy. It is also the birthday of my gorgeous niece Rachael who is 22 today – a day to celebrate birth, new beginnings and leadership by spending time in reflection. To review the year so far and where you are leading yourself as the light bearer into more of what you desire.

Plus, the moon and Jupiter will be in Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, suggesting that the energy on 11-11 will be even more potent.

Since my enforced “stay” two weeks ago where the powers that be physically stopped me in my tracks I have been very aware of how thin the veils between worlds have been and that while I have felt disturbed by what looks like very little impetus or forward movement on this Earth plane, much is being reconciled and repaired in other dimensions and realities. My guides keep showing me, like so many of my light giving friends and clients a version of what looks like the Tower card in tarot – an image of medieval times where we are standing together in a town square, firmly rooted into the Earth grid and united in a sacred circle of light watching the last remaining structures and buildings crumbling. We are calm, trusting, suspended in the void, a zero point field.

The message I keep hearing is to stay between worlds in a state of ‘suspended animation”, that it is okay to not know and to know what we know. That whilst nothing looks like it is progressing for the better, highest greater good of all, that we must lean into trust, acknowledge the old programs especially judgement and persecution programs are running the death throes and all that is required of us right now is to stay on the holy ground built from gratitude, love, allowance and compassion. It does not need to make any sense, in other words, give yourself permission to lose your mind and have NO sense aka understanding from the construct of the mind. It is this contraction – a conscious death of false identities that allows us to be the leaders of our own destiny. Visualise the space between the 11 – two pillars creating a doorway in between duality and as you cross the threshold, you step out of the perception of duality and remember that you are the infinite space of all that is, where heart and soul and body remember you have always been all that is.

As a sensitive soul, you are a highly evolved being on this planet and you are already there, so as you call back all the fragmented parts and pieces of yourself coming home to your heart complex keep emitting your light and as you do hold space between the 11 for others to shine their light too and feel the release, as you the ascended being you are embodied expands beyond the subtle senses as you know it beyond the sixth sense. As you use the guided meditation here or another of your choice, actively engage in that visualisation with me and please let me know what you become aware of when you do. Your mind will try to pull you back into rational thought, the habit runs deep and that is alright. Acknowledge it and then pendulate back into feeling listening.

Use this potent portal to guide you to crystal clear clarity, that you will know without a shadow of a doubt what needs to be complete, die and fall away. You may want to use this guided meditation for deep forgiveness,to soften and expand your heart of joy by grieving well and feeling the sorrow of what is no longer. As you set your intentions for the coming eclipse, call on your energetic spiritual team to assist and support you in activating your intuition. My wish for you is that you learn to carry your grief alongside your joy, so that you may amplify your ability to trust and build your inner resilience and confidence to be the leader of your life. May you find what you are seeking, tread gently on your sweet physical body and have the patience to pause if that is what is required of you to inspire others to create a new world alongside you that has not existed before. This is vital for our own ascension timeline that we prepare ourselves for the heartled task ahead for 2022 – 22 master builder and THE YEAR FOR RECONSTRUCTION.

Nothing to hide, nothing to prove – just be here now………

I love you


PS: Until we Meet Again, is being formatted right now and I hope to get it into the hands of all you animal lovers who generously said yes to being early readers by next week. For those of you who are grieving your beloved animal companions passing, like my sister Louise who helped her Jack pass on Monday after 16 good years, I am so sorry and may you grieve well so that you can celebrate their lives and deepen your relationship with them in spirit. Some of you wrote and messaged me this week to say that you have found the short videos I have been making on youtube very comforting – thank you for letting me know that you are finding them useful at this difficult time. Here is one to help you move from feeling guilty that you made the choice to EUTHANISE to acceptance and gratitude