I know  you have heard from me already this week with many invitations to choose from including my little grief and pet loss book, the Golden Cord which is now available on Amazon for Kindle for only .99c for a few days on this link: https://geni.us/ygwdMW6

If you have children, please read it to them and let me know the questions and conversation that genty arise on the topic of death and life and loss and if the enquiry at the back of the book are helpful.

How to connect with your lost or spirit pets

Here is a lovely gentle golden cord meditation you can use to connect with your lost missing pets or those in spirit who are no longer with you.

Continuing the theme of love and living from an open, tender heart nothing quite invokes the magic of being human than music and poetry.

In the words of Alfred K. LaMotte, “Poems are maps for getting lost in the wilderness of your own heart, where everyone can find you.”

I woke up this morning so aware of how mild the weather is and that trees are sprouting buds when they shouldn’t be, that the earth continues to warm and my heart breaks. And then the puppy Sasha covered my face with kisses as if it was our first hello and I spoke to Mom, reminding me how precious these moments are and how much I will miss her when she dies. I paused. I sighed.I sent love to Gaia as the rain fell as if exclusively for me and felt the kindness of the water warming my hands. Creation is a cycle of death and rebirth, disintegration to reintegration that never stops, never holds back. The cacophony of fear, worry, pleasure, grief, pressure, warmth, generosity, tenderness, perception, pain, and compassion spilt over me like the surf of a wave. It’s true there is no escaping from the squeeze and strain of this being human experience, our hearts are meant to break in every moment exquisitely— life makes it so.

I have been gathering up emotions, sometimes pulling what wants to be written through me requires coaxing it in backwards before they go off and find someone else to write them into a book of poetry which I look forward to sharing with you. I would love for you to share some of the poetry that when read aloud give you access to stillness, quiet and more coherence through body, mind and heart. I don’t know about you but my favorite poems are the ones that seem to come from a vividly real place and therefore touch and awaken me instantaneously. They speak a language beyond language. They stir a primal, very animal knowing in my body, a quivering love and aliveness in my soul that is a bittersweet reminder that as the earth continues to warm and as it does, so do you and I.

To you, my dear friend, I offer the love that lives in me. Can we invite life to turn us inside out and right side in, To stay in a constant state of awe and disorient and bewilder us if the moment calls for it. May we listen to the echo of each other’s heartbreak and give grief a sound that speaks of love – knowing that everything we love we will ultimately lose including our own breath. I give you the love that came from fear and the fear that turned to love this morning. isn’t it incredible that our hearts are made for this breaking apart that makes them beat stronger? Perhaps my small but mighty heartbeat will speak to yours and together we will remember that we have always been the echo chamber of love that is the heartbeat of the Great Mother, Pachamama, the divine feminine.

To you, my dear friend, I offer you the love that lives in me. The love that arrived this morning from fear and heartbreak transformed through rain and puppy kisses and a sweet exchange with my beloved Mother.As you enter into slow time this weekend, tread gently on your soft animal body and the earth. Have a homecoming celebration with that quiet quivering in your now more-human heart,and let an uncaused joy leak out of your eyes — so the others feel it as their own and then let us eat and drink and share the wonder in stories that connects us.

Allow your heart to hand you every last piece of who you truly are. This is the nourishment that you have been hungry for.that is my desire, my will and offering to the cycle of life and death and in-between time. Creation and destruction— to temper this life with heart and trust yourself to be held in the embrace of all that is no more and what is yet to be.

What is yours?



PS: Tell you, animal companions, your Soul teachers how much you love them and thank them for showing you what unconditional love feels like.