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Dearest Sj,

In this devastating moment in the world with a war raging in Ukraine,

I find myself alternating between grief,

hope and existential wondering.


And then somehow, because I believe it’s integral to some important part of my humanity,

I continue to try to notice beauty in ordinary things,

and to notice myself, even in the middle of my big questions, reaching for love and joy.

I’ve been wondering out loud about what makes small, angry men war

Do they lash out in the hopes that their mothers will hold them tight

and tell them it is going to be okay

that what they are doing doesn’t have to be this way…….


I was wondering about the way the spring bulbs are pushing up towards the light

long before anyone else tells them it’s too cold or too soon to dare to flourish.


I have been wracking my brain until it pounded

about the ancient wisdom in every cell

contained within the spaces of my fleshy body

to come to some truth as to whether it is possible to know too much…..


because one moment I’m awestruck by the stars twinkling above

and the next my heart is broken open in my grieving the dead light.


It makes my hands burn in an effort to deliver

a soothing balm for all the anxious souls desperate for a safe container

to remember to keep on living into love

in these wondrous and brutal times….


Where we are so terrified of our own demise that

we protect a life we are not living as though

we have the luxury of time to squander…..


I want to look away from the images of babies crying as sirens wail

and beloved pets that will go unfed

left unattended to wander the icy cold streets where those who loved them

lament, exiled in strange lands where they cannot bury their dead…..


I can’t unknow what I know any more than you can….


The stark truth is that these dark days will leave another deep scar upon our psyche.

I am wondering how much salt we will need to rub into those open wounds

Before we can access the strength of our internal protest

and act out of pure hearts…..


to writhe and wail and grieve

and feel so we can heal.

I’m asking for a small pinprick of sanity in the fabric of our very being –

a temporary reprieve from knowing too much….

so that we can collapse into the arms of the great mother

and keep our hearts open to imagining the reason

why we are here?

simply to be –

the dream weavers

the soul shakers

the truthtellers

– the holy grail of our humanity.

We can be this for each other.
We can do hard things
We can love, not hate.
We can do anything.

In my wonderings out loud I have come to know

and unknow –

that if we all just let ourselves imagine

what it would be like to take another form

to be something else like a tree or a bird or another person…..

there would be no trauma wounds to kiss

no thing to forgive or make right or whole.

I am wondering ……..

Can we do that?

Can we BE that?

Together, anything is possible

because we can never know too much.


May you give generously to yourself, court joy like a homecoming for a long last friend,

hold tight to your dreams, do better,

cherish the tender times you have with the ones you love.

I love you.

Trust you are safe

Trust in what is possible, together.

May your caring be the medicine that will guide us to our hearts in our words and in our actions.

May consciousness increase with compassion and fierce love.

May we live in a world where all beings are happy, healthy and free to be.