Mother’s day can bring up painful, unresolved grief and trauma for many who had a difficult childhood – any of the ACES apply including unavailable mother. If you prefer animals to people you probably have unresolved grief and trauma including mother/father wounds that your pets came to help you to resolve and heal.

Your pets are your growth partners who come for their own experiences to grow and evolve and also to teach you many things including how to love yourself. If your mother/ father did not provide a safe environment for you to speak your truth, validate you or show you that you mattered or belonged, your pets would have chosen a soul to soul contract to help you to trust that you are worthy of love and always have been more than enough.

If you have rescued an abandoned pet from a shelter, they would have chosen you to show you how to not abandon or reject yourself.

If your pet has, for example, developed an allergy or illness, anxiety or aggression they may be trying to get your full attention to where you don’t or do feel safe. Where you need healthier boundaries or aren’t standing up for yourself. In other words how to ground yourself and self-regulate by feeling them, they teach you how to be safe in your own body which is designed to synthesise your environment with more accurate and vital information than merely the conscious thinking process of your verbal mind.

Animals fully utilize their senses to enable them to navigate a world of uncertainty. If you are an empath or introvert/extrovert you developed a high sensitivity (used your animal body to tune in to danger long before anyone else) to keep yourself safe by being hyper attuned to the unpredictable and unsafe adult in your life. The best gift you can give to your pets is to be the safe, grounded pack leader for them because you know that whatever happens, you have your best interests and theirs at heart. When you repair the trauma ruptures you create safety and you can trust that while you are healing you will always focus on what is dangerous because it is where you have always focused. Your pets will help you to turn your focus away from what you perceive to be dangerous and shift your attention to where you are safe by attuning to your felt sense.

Your pets are teaching you how you can trust the intelligence of your body, so that you can come together with people in the same way that you do with them, to create a non-judgmental space of compassion and support as you navigate the days ahead with more peace, more trust and less fear.

It is for all these reasons that the death of a fur baby can be so heartbreaking and devastating, so be gentle with yourself as you will learn to listen to your soft, animal body knowing that it too will return to the earth. Trust that your spirit/ energy body is always connected to your pet spirit/ energy body and that even if you don’t feel it they are with you. Make yourself bigger than the physical.

Use this guided meditation to connect with an animal that has passed,

or this one for a pet that is ill or getting ready to transition or a spirit animal to assist you in healing.

Thank you for loving and caring for your pets.


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