If you are in the northern hemisphere you are celebrating the longer days and the warmer weather. As one season turns into another, April moves into May, remember that whatever season you find yourself in no matter how uncomfortable, is exactly where you are meant to be. May the cycle of death (Scorpio)  and rebirth (Taurus) as new shoots appear and the wild ones procreate give you the certainty you may be looking for that life continues. That energy is in a constant state of expansion and contraction and like grief and joy are never constant. These 2 instincts are equally strong and explain the 2 constants in the universe “life” and “death”. If life was stronger than death, we would never die. If death was stronger than life, we would never survive. The magic is found in the tension between the two.

In my trauma-informed approach to help people heal, restore trust and live into their purpose, it is crucial to know where you come from and how your survival patterns of adaptation affect your ability to thrive in all your relationships. Using astrology, numerology and other ancient wisdom systems in an integrative and functional way along side cutting-edge neuroscience, parts work and somatic experiences can bring deeper insight and understanding to how your nervous system is wired. It also brings a lightness and curious playfulness to how you can find safety, connection and belonging so that you can have financial freedom doing the work you love and changing the lives of others that you serve. Take the attachment quiz here and let me know if you are ready to get out of your stuckness and protective patterns (an unbalanced Taurus/Scorpio trait) which creates an inflexible nervous system.There are people waiting for you to support them as only you can and if you aren’t confident in your talents and don’t know what your purpose is, how will they find you? I can help you with that and now is the time!

First we will get to the root cause of your issues by finding out where you came from (trauma and attachment patterns) that are holding you back from being present (safely embodied) so that you can unlock your potential and purpose. (brilliant future).If you want to stop procrastinating and sabotaging your work, you have to get out of your busyness and into your body. You are in the right place to accelerate your business, consistently reach your goals and finally see the result you know are possible. You will leave with a plan that you can immediately implement. You can book your private time with me here.

This is a great time if you are interested in the influences of astrology on your life path to see where your north and south node are. My North node is in Taurus/ South in Scorpio so I am in a nodal return which means I need to be very focused and intentional on how I am creating and moving in the direction of my destiny with the emphasis on grace rather than effort.

No matter what your Nodal placement is, the transit of the North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio will influence you in one way or another, depending on the areas of your life (houses) ruled by Taurus and Scorpio

Eros (Taurus) vs Thanatos (Scorpio) – The North Node in Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. The South Node in Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Scorpio, the planets of war and death.

According to Sigmund Freud, we humans are ruled by two opposing biological instincts: the life instinct (Eros) and the death instinct (Thanatos). Eros directs our self-sustaining activities like breathing, eating and reproduction.

In contrast, Thanatos seeks the destruction or the transformation of the physical body, so it can transcendent its material limitations.
While the best things in life are free, they require the commitment to do the work and the conscious awareness to appreciate the beauty of life.

The way society works, with all its intricacies, makes it difficult to focus on the NOW and forget about what can go wrong.

  • Taurus’ role is to remind us of what’s good for us, of what gives us pleasure.
  • Scorpio’s role is to remind us of what can go wrong if we lose our focus and awareness.

On January 18th, 2022 the North Node enters Taurus and the South Node enters Scorpio.

The Nodes of the Moon will stay in Taurus and Scorpio until July 12th, 2023.

This is one of the most important transits of the year and will completely transform our approach to resources, values, relationships, and intimacy.

We learn best from experience. To find out how the North Node in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio will influence you, reflect on what happened in your life when you had this transit in the past.

This is when the North Node was in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio:

  • April 2003 – December 2004 (the time period when I lost my business, my home,my security/ identity, and nearly my life.)
  • September 1984 – April 1986 (moved country and much loss including my first love and a baby)
  • February 1966 – August 1967 ( when I was born)
  • August 1947 – January 1949

What was going on in your life back then? You can expect similar themes to resurface from January 2022 until July 2023. ( Don’t go into fear and catastrophizing, let me support you in unpacking the trauma and creating more flexibility to stay the path.)

When Taurus and Scorpio are in balance, we appreciate what we have because we understand how delicate, unpredictable and fragile life is. We don’t take anything for granted, yet we relax and surrender to life’s intrinsic beauty and grace.

When Taurus and Scorpio are out of balance, we either don’t appreciate what we have (Taurus) because we are afraid of what can go wrong (Scorpio), or we don’t relax into surrender (Scorpio) because we are afraid of losing what’s ours (Taurus).

Taurus/Scorpio is the axis of resources, of what we value.

Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs – with Taurus and Scorpio things get personal.

This Lunar Nodes ingress will ask us to find what truly matters to us and as always with the Nodes, we have two ways to approach the “how to”: take the safe route, or venture into the unknown.

The North Node is what we need to embrace and learn how to master. We can only heal and unlock your South Node past karma when we embrace our North Node.
Your South Node is a gift – something that is waiting to be birthed and brought to completion. But to do that, to get to your South Node, we need new directions, with the North Node as our compass.Each pair of signs are connected. In anatomy, Taurus rules the mouth, and Scorpio the excretory organs. Taurus is how we indulge with our senses, by giving and receiving pleasure, whereas Scorpio is where we come into complete union with the other.If Taurus is the intake,(earth/stomach/spleen) what we put into our bodies – its polarity is the exit, what comes out. Scorpio ( water/kidneys/bladder) is control and release – the inner knowing of when to hold on to something, and when to surrender.With the North Node in Taurus, “Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others” is a great line to follow. Only from a position of “enoughness” can we then build something beautiful with others. Unfortunately unresolved trauma and grief are at the root of shame, fear, guilt, anger, and the myriad of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you are not enough, hold us back from living in our true, divine nature but it doesn’t have to be this way when you get trauma-informed support and stop trying to fix what’s not broken on your own.

Self-worth (Taurus) vs. intimacy (Scorpio) – The North Node in Taurus will ask us to develop our self-worth. If your relationships have been unbalanced or dominated by power struggles, this is the time to cut off putrid ties and develop a healthy sense of self-worth.When you put yourself first and know your worth, you will automatically attract relationships that are good for you and find a genuine sense of intimacy.

Autonomy (Taurus) vs. Surrender (Scorpio) – The North Node in Taurus will push us to become self-autonomous even if it feels scary which is why you need a flexible nervous system and trauma-informed support. If you’ve been depending on other people (co-dependent) – emotionally, financially or in other ways, this is a time to claim your power and become more self-reliant.Another version of this scenario is attempting to control other people’s resources (emotional, financial, etc). Surrendering to others from a place of love is what Scorpio truly wants, but we’ll only be able to do that if we feel safe and secure (Taurus).


When the North Node is conjunct Uranus, we will be awakened – sometimes suddenly, otherwise with interesting serendipities and twists – to purpose – what it is that we were truly born to do in this lifetime.If you’ve been living in a well-constructed illusion, or just live a life other people or society has dictated for you, then the awakening can be quite shocking – something like Neo in the Matrix.On the other hand, if you’ve always known what your path is, and what your purpose is but you never really got the chance to get closer to your goal, 2022 will make it easier than ever. North Node and Uranus come with a green light from the Universe. When you give yourself permission to restore trust, create your own internal safety and get support you won’t keep spinning your wheels and stay stuck in a toxic cycle of self-sabotage and suffering. My question is, how will you feel if you wake up a year from now and you are still unfulfilled. stuck and broke? Uncertainty, Unpredictability and Uncontrollability are not going to magically go away but when you know who you are and how to create your own safety at the level of your nervous system you will be unstoppable. I am speaking about how to redefine success and personal power so that you can begin to heal and live a heartled, purpose-driven life on May 1st on the Wealthy Woman Summit and I would love for you to come take a listen and receive.

Enjoy exploring your birth chart and let me know where your north and south nodes lie. My mentor on all things astrology Robert O’hotto has a fantastic monthly membership and some amazingly insightful classes if you want to learn more. You can download your free chart here.