Can you believe that it is the 1st of May already?

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and this offers a good opportunity to talk about what this means—and what can be done. From world events to our personal lives, to everything in between, it may feel as if things are falling apart. It’s also my birth month and a time of the year when I let the old die, grieve well, and prepare my soil to plant new seeds. It s a good time to do some energetic clearing and detoxification to support the body.

I send you blessings on Beltane and a soul prayer that you tap into your inner resilience so that you can move through life’s challenges with ease and grace. As I mentioned in last week’s love note, the new moon North Node Eclipse is going to push us all further out of our comfort zone. But everything you have done up until now has prepared you for this and this powerful portal comes with many opportunities to claim your personal power with a peaceful, connected presence.

The conjunction with Uranus will feel like a lightbulb moment of clarity, and it will help us understand something very fundamental about our core values, about what truly matters to us, and to re-examine our self-worth. Take time to really get clear on that and any negative bias you have to live into your life purpose, and where your unresolved grief and trauma wounds may be keeping you stuck in a cycle of chronic fatigue and anxiety and away from doing what you were born to do in this lifetime (North Node) because the Divine and your internal GPS will reveal that to you if you can stay grounded in your truth and safely embodied.

While we may say we want to be happy, we sabotage ourselves in unconscious ways or miss out on opportunities because deep inside at the root of the nervous system we don’t believe happiness is an option, because we don’t believe we can turn our dreams into realities. None of this is your fault, you feel this way because of the brilliant survival and protection strategies you developed as a child to keep yourself safe. If you don’t know your primary attachment style, take the quiz over here and use the information as a stepping stone to healing from unresolved grief and trauma wounds so that you can feel into what you truly value about yourself, your relationships with others, your work and the world at whole.

The New Moon comes with an important message “What if?” which will trigger these old patterns of survival to worst-case scenarios. Just for today, consider the lightness of “what if a life of happiness is truly possible? What if I can live up to our potential?”

The New Moon may not give you THE recipe to a happy life just yet – but things will certainly begin to shift. Your perspective will change. You will start seeing things in a different light – in a more beautiful light starting with how supported, safe, and welcomed all the parts of you are. Spend time connecting with nature, plant seeds in the ground as an honoring of self-care intending to your own internal garden.

In the words of Pema Chodron “Things falling apart is a kind of testing and also a kind of healing. …The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy, for dreaming in a new life. Of playful, tender curiosity and a peaceful presence to meet your abandoned and exiled child parts with compassion and love.”

if you have animal companions in your life, tell them how much you value their patience and unconditional love. Their soul lessons for us always remain the same – to love ourselves completely and to paw-s and reflect on the beauty and qualities of yourself that they see in you. What impact are you having on your animal’s well-being? Let’s remember to make room, and be gentle with ourselves and each other.

Remember when you are weary and find this human being thing burdensome, painful, and extreme, that I feel you, I hear the calm heart beholding its life. The beauty and depth of you I witness in private sessions continue to give me more evidence of the kindness and goodness of humankind. I thank you for sharing so generously the sweet contents of your being. I carry you with me as I weave my way through life— emptying, recycling, and purifying ourselves. Together we are healing the fragile, nervous system of the world by dissolving the toxic effects of our own trauma wounds.