The bond between humans and animals has inspired myth, philosophy, and magic across cultures for centuries. It can be surprising how deeply we are affected by the of loss of a pet partner. And as many people know, losing a pet is a distinctly different experience than losing any other relationship, human or otherwise.



Animal communication & distance healing via Skype. 60 minute session per animal.

**Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks after passing before obtaining a reading**

After your pet has died, it is natural and normal to feel grief and sorrow. For some people, spending some time with their pet after euthanasia is helpful. The grieving process includes accepting the reality of your loss, accepting that the loss and accompanying feelings are painful, and adjusting to your new life that no longer includes your pet. By understanding the grieving process, you will be better prepared to manage your grief and to help others in the family who share this loss.

The loss of a pet can be a very stressful life event. Everyone experiences grief differently and may go through periods of feeling different emotions such as denial, sadness, anger, anxiety, numbness, and guilt. The grief can be delayed and may be brought on more intensely by the related loss of a human family member.The grief may seem overwhelming at times.

Some of these feelings may relate to how your pet died. For example, you may feel guilty or blame others for not recognizing the illness earlier, for not doing something sooner, for not being able to afford other types of or further treatment, for making the decision for euthanasia too soon or too late, or for being careless and allowing your pet to be injured. It is common for owners to feel doubt over whether they have made the best decision for their pet regardless of whether their pet was euthanized or died from its disease or injury. Depression is also a common experience after the death of a special pet. Day-to-day tasks can seem impossible to perform and you may feel isolated and alone.

Many depressed people will avoid the company of friends and family. It might be hard to get out of bed in the morning, especially if your morning routine involved caring for your pet’s needs. Sometimes you may even wonder if you can go on without your pet. The answer is yes, but there are times when special assistance may be helpful in dealing with your loss.  If you are suffering from profound or prolonged depression this session is tailored just for you.

Note: It is not uncommon to feel extremely tired or “out of it” after your healing. Please make sure your schedule allows for you to rest and take care of yourself for the remainder of your day.

Energetic grief support healings should never be considered a substitute for medical or veterinary treatment.





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